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Truth of Stairlifts Expectations Vs. Reality

Stairlift Myths vs. Reality: What You Need to Know!

Let's Get Real About Stairlifts: What You Think vs. What Happens! So, you might have heard that stairlifts are a great way for people with limited abilities to move around their houses easily. Haven't you?

However, there is a lot of hype out there—lies and unrealistic expectations—that can make you wonder if they're worth it.

So, let's clarify the air. In this post, we'll look at the typical assumptions and reality of having a stairlift, so you can decide if it's the right investment for you."

Expectations: Stairlifts are only for seniors.

Reality: Stairlifts are for everyone who calls for help moving up and down stairs, regardless of age. Whether you're recovering from an injury, living with a chronic disease like arthritis, or just finding stairs difficult, a stairlift may change your mobility.

Expectations: Stairlifts are expensive.

Reality: Sure, certain stairlift models are expensive, but there is a wide selection available to suit various budgets. You have alternatives, ranging from basic to advanced models. Plus, several businesses provide financing or renting options, making stairlifts affordable even on a limited budget.

Expectation: Stairlifts are not customisable

Reality: Stairlifts can be customised to suit your specific needs and preferences. You can change many things, such as:

  • Adjusting seat height and width
  • For more room, consider folding the arms, seat, and footrest.
  • Install a swivel seat for simpler access and departure.
  • Including safety measures such as seat belts and safety edges.
  • Adding remote controllers for easy operation.
  • Including features such as a display screen or key lock.
  • Ensure it fits your weight capacity requirements.

With these customisation options, your stairlift may be exactly tailored to your needs for optimal comfort and safety.

Expectation: Stairlifts are unsightly and take up space

Reality: Today's stairlifts are meant to be stylish and compact, occupying up less room in your house. They are available in many attractive designs and rail choices that may be customised to match your existing home décor. So, you can have both practicality and beauty without sacrificing space or style."

Expectation: Stairlifts are difficult to install

Reality: Installing a stairlift can often be simple and requires no serious modifications to your home. Many organisations offer expert installation services, which ensures a simple and quick operation. So, you may get the benefits of a stairlift without the hassle of big upgrades.

Expectation: A stairlift will offer a quick and simple solution.

Reality: The truth is that selecting the ideal stairlift requires careful consideration of a range of brands and types, plus arranging a professional home inspection to verify suitability. So, it's important to take your time during this process to make the best choice for your situation.

After the stairlift is placed, you might take some time to get used to using it. But with time and effort, it can become an easy part of your everyday routine.

Expectation: A stairlift will be a one-time cost

Reality: Getting a stairlift is quite the deal. It's more than simply the initial expense. You must also consider the long-term effects. It means you might have to pay for repairs or maintenance regularly. And, of course, your needs can change over time.

So, you might have to modify or replace your stairlift in the future. It's all part of the package when you invest in one such stairlift.

Expectation: A stairlift will take up a lot of space

Reality: Today's stairlifts are designed to be stylish and compact. They're the small and inconspicuous superheroes of home mobility. Not only that, but some versions fold up neatly when not in use. It makes them nearly undetectable when you don't need a lift.

Expectation: A stairlift will be uncomfortable

Reality: Modern stairlifts often come with soft, adjustable seats that can be customised to match your exact specifications. And safety? Well, they've got you covered with services like seat belts and swivel chairs. So, now you can glide up those stairs feeling as secure as a bug in a rug!

Expectation: A stairlift will be difficult to use

Reality: Nowadays, using a stairlift is simple. They are designed to be extremely user-friendly, with controls conveniently located on the armrest. Also, many stairlifts come with handy wireless remotes, allowing you to call for your lift with just the push of a button.

Owning a stairlift may be a game changer for people with mobility issues, greatly enhancing their quality of life. However, to get the right fit, you have to keep your goals reasonable and try out other models and brands.

At MyMobilityUK, we are here to help you through the process. We provide a diverse selection of stairlifts, including both new and reconditioned stairlifts models from trusted brands such as reconditioned Acorn stairlifts, new Acorn stairlifts, Acorn sit-stand, reconditioned Stannah stairlifts, new Handicare stairlifts, Handicare 1000 outdoor, reconditioned Handicare stairlifts, new Platinum stairlifts, new Bruno stairlifts, and reconditioned Thyssenkrupp stairlifts.

Ready to get started? Simply reach out to us by requesting a callback, brochure, or quote. Our dedicated team of mobility aid specialists is here to assist you every step of the way.

Plus, take advantage of our complimentary home survey to ensure we find the ideal stairlift that fits your needs and budget perfectly. Let's make your home more accessible and your life easier—contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions


⭐Stairlifts are only for seniors?

Certainly not! Stairlifts are suitable for everyone, regardless of age, who requires aid when navigating stairs. Whether you're recovering from an injury, living with a chronic condition like arthritis, or simply finding stairs challenging, a stairlift could greatly improve your mobility. Don't let age stereotypes limit your options – stairlifts are here to help anyone who needs them, no matter their age.

⭐Are stairlifts difficult to use?

Not at all! Modern stairlifts are designed to be incredibly user-friendly. With simple controls located right on the armrest and the option for wireless remotes, operating a stairlift is easy for anyone.

Plus, most models come with safety features like seat belts and swivel seats for added comfort and peace of mind. So, whether you're young or old, using a stairlift is a breeze!

⭐Is a stairlift a one-time cost?

Even though buying a stairlift requires a sizable upfront payment, it's important to think about potential long-term costs. Maintenance, repairs, and future upgrades or replacements could end up in higher costs over time.

Therefore, while planning a budget for a stairlift, it's important to account for these potential recurring expenses even if they may not be one-time costs.

⭐Does the stairlift take up a lot of space?

Not at all! Modern stairlifts are designed to be compact and space-saving. They're built to fit neatly along the stairs without taking up much room, so you don't have to worry about them crowding your space.

Also, some models even fold up when they're not in use, making them even more space-efficient. So, you can enjoy the convenience of a stairlift without sacrificing precious space in your home.

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Post Written by Wes Rowe
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