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Thyssenkrupp Stairlifts: UK Choice & Quality in 2024

Thyssenkrupp - the brand overview & advantages

thyssenkrupp stairlifts

Thyssenkrupp Stairlifts is a globally recognised brand parading innovative engineering solutions in various sectors, including mobility.

The company has a strong presence in the UK, where it offers a variety of products and services, one of which is stairlifts.

Thyssenkrupp stairlifts are designed to provide a safe, comfortable, and easy way for people with mobility issues to navigate their homes. There are high ratings for their reliability, durability, and cutting-edge technology.

Thyssenkrupp offers a range of stairlift models to suit different needs and preferences. These include straight stairlifts for homes with traditional consecutive staircases and curved stairlifts for homes with spiral or curved staircases.

Each model is designed with user comfort and safety in mind, such as ergonomic seats, easy-to-use controls, safety sensors, and other nice-to-have perks.

Mobility innovation

mobility inovation

Thyssenkrupp's stairlifts are also known for their innovative technology. The company's patented ASL (Advanced Swivel and Levelling) technology ensures a smooth and stable ride, regardless of the staircase's shape or angle. This is a game changer for narrow spaces and old UK homes.

An option to fit every home

Another standout feature of Thyssenkrupp stairlifts is their customizability.

The company offers a variety of upholstery colours and materials, which allows users to choose a stairlift that matches their home decor.

Energy efficiency 2024-style

energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is another crucial advantage of Thyseen stairlifts. In this regard, the products stand out from obsolete models and manufacturers.

TK stairlifts use a rechargeable battery system, which means they will continue to operate even during a power outage.

When not in use, the stairlifts also have a standby mode, which conserves energy, so you pay less for electricity.

Installation help

installation help

Additionally, ThyssenKrupp provides professional installation services, so you don't have to take risks with third-party installers.

The downside is that you'd only be limited to their models, while some great options from other manufacturers are a better fit for your home.

Safety and friendliness

Thyssen stairlifts are always designed with user-friendly controls and safety features.

The controls are intuitive and easy to use, even for those with limited dexterity.

Safety features include seatbelts, obstruction sensors, and a swivel seat, making getting on and off the stairlift easier and safer.

Customer support


Thyssenkrupp's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in its after-sales service.

The company provides comprehensive warranties and maintenance services for its stairlifts, and if you're willing to overpay, you can purchase mobility devices directly from them.

Top Thyssenkrupp stairlifts models

top thyssenkrupp stairlifts models

Thyssenkrupp is a renowned global brand that offers a variety of stairlift models, each designed to cater to specific user needs and architectural constraints.


One of their top models is the 'Flow2'.

This model is prevalent due to its patented swivel technology and the way it fits narrow staircases.

Flow X is a popular modification of that model that offers a range of customisable options, including different seat styles and colours.

Levant Comfort

The 'Levant Comfort' is another top model from Thyssen. Many UK consumers praise it for its user-friendly design and comfortable seating.

The Levant Comfort features a powered swivel seat and footrest, making it easy for users to get on and off the stairlift.

The model also has safety sensors that stop the lift whenever they detect an obstacle.

HomeGlide & HomeGlide Extra

Thyssenkrupp's 'HomeGlide' stairlift is another model that stands out.

It's designed for straight staircases and is praised for its simplicity and reliability. HomeGlide features a joystick control for easy operation and a foldable seat and footrest to save space when not in use.

The 'HomeGlide Extra' is an upgraded version of the HomeGlide with additional features.

If you want a Thyssenkrupp stairlift but are unsure which model suits you, call us. We host many new and refurbished stairlifts from this and other brands. Years of experience give us the knowledge to advise you on the best model to pick and the specs to look for.

Thyssenkrupp stairlift alternatives

thyssenkrupp stairlift alternatives

Thyssenkrupp is a well-known brand in the mobility solutions industry, but several other alternatives are available in the UK market.


Stannah Stairlifts, for instance, is a reputable company that has been in operation for over 150 years. They offer a wide range of stairlifts, including straight, curved, and outdoor models, all with a two-year warranty.

Acorn / Brooks

Acorn Stairlifts is another alternative. This company is globally recognised and has been providing mobility solutions since 1992.

They offer a variety of stairlifts, including straight, curved, and outdoor models.

Acorn Stairlifts also provides a fast installation service, often within 24 hours of an order.


Handicare is a global mobility solutions provider, and its stairlifts are a popular choice in the UK. It offers a comprehensive range of stairlifts, including straight, curved, and reconditioned models. Handicare provides a unique 'PhotoSurvey' system for accurate and quick stairlift installation.

If you're looking for the perfect stairlift for your UK home, don't limit yourself to Thyssenkrupp or any other brand. We have a wide selection of new and reconditioned models from all major manufacturers—give us a call, and we will match you with the ideal stairlift!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some of the top Thyssenkrupp stairlift models available in the UK?

Some of the top models are:

  • Flow2: Great for narrow staircases with its swivel technology.
  • Levant Comfort: Known for its comfy seat and easy-to-use controls.
  • HomeGlide & HomeGlide Extra: Perfect for straight staircases with a simple design and reliable performance.

2. What are some alternatives to Thyssenkrupp stairlifts?

If you’re exploring other options, you might consider:

  • Stannah: Known for their long-standing reputation and wide range of stairlifts.
  • Acorn / Brooks: Offers quick installation and a variety of models.
  • Handicare: Features a PhotoSurvey system for accurate measurements and a range of stairlifts.

3. How do Thyssenkrupp stairlifts compare to other brands?

Thyssenkrupp stairlifts are known for their innovation, quality, and energy efficiency. While there are other great brands like Stannah, Acorn, and Handicare, Thyssenkrupp offers advanced features and excellent customer support.

4. What safety features do Thyssenkrupp stairlifts have?

Thyssenkrupp stairlifts come with a range of safety features like seatbelts, obstruction sensors, and a swivel seat. These features make it easy and safe to get on and off the stairlift.

5. How can I choose the best stairlift for my home?

If you’re unsure which stairlift is right for you, give us a call! We have experience with many brands and models, and we can help you find the perfect stairlift for your home.

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Post Written by Wes Rowe
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