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Stannah vs Acorn: Getting the Right Stairlift for Your Home: A Quick Comparison Guide

Just so you know, we've installed numerous stairlift models from both companies in houses across the UK, and let me tell you, they're both fantastic.

stannah vs acorn

Stannah and Acorn are household brands in the industry, recognised for producing stairlifts that are solid, dependable, and simple to use. Each has special characteristics that distinguish it differently.

So, let's compare the two brands and see what they have in store for you. But let's have a clear understanding of these businesses before we get started.

Stannah Stairlifts brand overview

stannah stairlifts brand overview - stannah vs acorn

So, let's start with Stannah stairlifts. Stannah is a big name in the world of stairlifts, known for its quality and reliability. They've been leading the pack since way back in 1867, and they're still going strong.

Here's why you might want to think about choosing Stannah for your stairlift:

  • Long Experience: With over 150 years of experience under their belt, Stannah stands as a symbol of engineering mastery passed down through generations. They've earned the respect and trust of customers worldwide.
  • Intricate attention to detail: Every Stannah stairlift is designed with close attention to detail, from comfortable seating to easy-to-use controls, ensuring a seamless experience for users.
  • Attention to Detail: Each Stannah stairlift is carefully crafted. They devote special attention to the small details, such as ensuring seats are comfortable and the controls are simple to operate.
  • Safety First: Stannah places a high value on safety. They ensure that their stairlifts are extremely safe to operate, with features that assist in avoiding accidents.
  • Renowned Globally: Stannah's popularity extends beyond the borders of the United Kingdom. They are well-known worldwide, with installations in more than 40 countries. They have even received honours for their outstanding performance.

Stannah isn't just about making stairlifts. They're on a constant journey of innovation, always pushing the boundaries to ensure safety and comfort. Whether you're on a tight budget or looking to splurge, Stannah has stairlift options for everyone.

So, if you go with Stannah, you're not just getting any old stairlift. You're getting one that's reliable, safe, and backed by years of experience. It's like having a trusted friend help you get around your home easily.

Top Stannah stairlift models

top stannah stairlift models - stannah vs acron

When it comes to deciding between Stannah and Acorn stairlifts, it all comes down to what you like best. So, let's take a look at some of the most popular Stannah stairlift models:

  • Stannah 600: This is Stannah's best offering. It is extremely comfortable and attractive, making it ideal for straight stairs. The 600 boasts a modern design, with a compact carriage and retractable rail. Furthermore, buyers appreciate the simple controls.
  • Stannah 420 Straight Stair Lift: If your staircase is straight, the 420 is an excellent choice. People enjoy it since it is trustworthy and simple to use. You may also choose an upholstered design to complement your existing home decor, so it's not just functional but also stylish.
  • Stannah Sadler: This is ideal for those who have difficulty sitting or standing. The Sadler provides a type of halfway-standing posture, which may make things much simpler. It is also suitable for small staircases due to its thin design.
  • Stannah Siena: The Siena is suitable for both straight and curved staircases. It has a sleek appearance, comfortable seats, and excellent safety features. If you're looking for an adaptable, attractive, and safe stairlift, the Siena might be the answer.
  • Stannah Starla: Customers love the Starla, which was designed particularly for curving stairs. It's quite comfortable, and you can customise it to your taste. If you want a stairlift that blends in with your decor while still providing a secure and comfortable ride, the Starla might be the one for you.

Acron/Brooks stairlifts overview

acornbrooks stairlifts overview

Just like Stannah, Acorn offers dependable solutions for people facing mobility challenges. You might have noticed the names Acorn and Brooks used together, which might seem a bit puzzling at first. But it's a smart business move. Acorn is a big player in stairlifts worldwide, based in the UK. Brooks, on the other hand, is like a branch of Acorn, mainly serving customers in the UK market.

If you want to dive deeper, you can check out our detailed Acorn / Brooks review.

In short, choosing Acorn/Brooks means you get:

  • Quality: Acorn/Brooks stairlifts match up to Stannah stairlifts in terms of quality. They've got years of experience, and they keep improving their products through research and development. You can count on their stairlifts to be strong, dependable, and long-lasting.
  • Innovation: At Acorn/Brooks, we're all about coming up with fresh ideas to optimise stairlift performance. They are continually developing creative solutions that may be fitted to any staircase, whether straight or curved.
  • Service: Brooks provides excellent service. They ensure client satisfaction from start to finish, providing skilled installation and excellent post-sales support.

So, whether you go for Stannah or Acorn/Brooks, you can expect quality and reliability. The choice ultimately comes down to what suits you best and meets your specific needs.

Top Acorn/Brooks stairlift models

top acornbrooks stairlift models

Acorn/Brooks has a bunch of different stairlift models to fit all kinds of needs and tastes. Even though each model has its special features, they all meet high standards for quality, safety, and comfort.

Let's take a closer look at what each one brings to the table:

  • Acorn 130 Straight Stairlift: This one's perfect if you've got a straight staircase. It gives you a comfy, smooth, and safe ride. Plus, it's got handy features like a safety belt, a seat that swivels, and a joystick control that's super easy to use.
  • Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift: If your staircase is all twisty and turny, the Acorn 180 is made just for you. It's custom-made to fit curved stairs perfectly. And it's got this unique modular rail system that makes installation quick and easy, with minimal disruption.
  • Brooks Lincoln Straight Stairlift: Need something for a straight staircase? The Brooks Lincoln has your back. It's simple, sturdy, and reliable. Plus, it has some important features like safety sensors, a remote control, and a seat that locks in place when you need it to.

"Stannah vs. Acorn: A Simplified Stairlift Comparison"

stannah vs acorn a close contest

Features Stannah Acron/Brooks
Types of Stairlifts Straight and Curved Straight and Curved
Customization High (colours, fabrics, etc.) Moderate (limited to essential customizations)
Safety Features Extensive (swivel seats, safety sensors, etc.) Extensive (safety belts, swivel seats, etc.)
Installation Tailored installation with minimal disruption Quick and less disruptive, especially for the modular rail system in curved models
After-sales Service Comprehensive (maintenance and support) Very Good (reliable support and service)
User Experience Emphasis on comfort and ease of use Designed for simplicity and functionality


Things to Think About While Selecting Your Stairlift

Deciding between Stannah and Acorn isn't easy. You've got to think about a lot of stuff, like understanding how they work and making sure they fit your budget. Both Stannah and Acorn are big names known for being reliable and good quality.

Honestly, the best choice depends on what you need. Whether you go for Stannah or Acorn/Brooks, you can expect them to be reliable and good quality.

We advise getting in touch with us to arrange a private consultation. We'll walk you through the key points to consider when purchasing a stairlift for your house and help you discover the best model for your requirements.

There are about a dozen important factors to keep in mind, so let's take a look at some key points to help you make the right decision:

  • Models: Acorn and Stannah both have a selection of models made to accommodate various staircase configurations, including straight and more intricate ones.
  • Price:The cost of stairlifts from both companies varies depending on the style and design of your staircase. It's important to find a model that fits your budget while meeting your needs.
  • Warranty: Stannah and Acorn both provide trustworthy warranty durations for their stairlifts. However, details might differ per model. So, make sure you thoroughly check the warranty coverage for the model you're interested in.
  • Customer Service: Both companies are known for their excellent customer service. It's always a good idea to consider the level of customer support offered by each brand when making your decision.

Because there is no one-size-fits-all solution, we invite you to contact us at My Mobility UK. Our experienced consultants are here to help you every step of the process, ensuring you get a stairlift that matches all of your needs.

Keep in mind, that it's not just about finding any old stairlift—it's about finding the perfect one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


⭐Which is better acorn or Stannah stair lift?

When it comes to choosing between Acorn and Stannah stairlifts, it's all about what works best for you, your house, and your budget. Each brand has unique strengths and serves different requirements and tastes.

Acorn is popular for its quick installation, especially for straight stairlifts, which can be a big plus if you're in urgent need of a mobility solution. Their stairlifts are straightforward, reliable, and user-friendly, perfect for those who want a no-fuss, effective mobility aid.

Stannah, with its long history of quality and innovation, provides a wider selection of stairlift solutions. This is especially useful if you have a curving staircase or want a stairlift that is more fitted to your home's décor. Stannah takes pride in providing a comfortable, silent ride, and its stairlifts are available with several customisation choices to suit your preferences.

Remember that it is good to schedule appointments with both brands because they can provide specific guidance and quotes.

⭐What is the average price of a Stannah stairlift?

If you're looking into getting a Stannah stairlift, you're probably wondering about the cost. Right? Well, it depends on what you need. If your stairs are straight and quite standard, you might be looking at paying roughly £2,000. But if you have a curving staircase, the cost might increase to £6,000 or more. That's because curved stairs require a little more customisation. Stannah also offers reconditioned or rented stairlifts, which might save you money if you're on a limited budget.

The easiest approach to get exact pricing is to contact Stannah or a dealer near you. They'll tell you exactly what you need and how much it will cost.

⭐How much does an acorn stairlift cost?

The cost of an Acorn stairlift greatly depends on whether your steps are straight or curved. Straight staircases normally start at roughly £2,000. However, if your staircase bends or includes landings, you may be looking at expenses ranging from £3,000 to £5,000 or more because they require a custom-made rail to fit your steps exactly.

Like other brands, Acorn provides choices that could help you save money, such as reconditioned models or rentals. Getting a precise quote directly from Acorn or one of their representatives is the best way to go. Giving you a better idea of the cost, they will take into account the specifications of your staircase and any other features you might like to add.

⭐Are acorn stairlifts safe?

Acorn stairlifts are super safe! They're packed with features like sensors to detect obstacles, seatbelts for security, and a lockable swivel seat for easy transfers. Plus, they run on batteries, so even if the power goes out, you're still good to go. You can trust that Acorn has your safety covered as you move around your home.

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Post Written by Wes Rowe
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