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Getting Stairlift Quotes - Top Best Practices for a Better Purchase

If you've decided to shop for a stairlift in the UK, you probably keep seeing ads with stairlift quotes everywhere.

getting stairlift quotes

Getting stairlift quotes from several providers is a natural part of the shopping process, but there are some things you need to remember.

We've been selling stairlifts for years and know the process inside and out. We work with the largest and most legit stairlift manufacturers worldwide and UK brands.

Here are some things you need to know while getting stairlift quotes around.

Detailed is OK

It's fine when a stairlift provider asks for details about you, your preferences, and your home.

detailed is ok

Stairlifts are complex products that must be safely matched and installed, both to the user's needs and to the staircase in the home. Because of that, when you get stairlift quotes, you need to complete at least some sort of questionnaire to give information to the provider.

These are the critical factors at play when you are getting a stairlift quote online:

Stairlift type

The type of stairlift you need is the #1 thing that matters for your quote. This will largely depend on the layout of your staircase.

Straight stairlifts are generally less expensive than curved ones, which often need to be custom-made to fit your staircases.

The features you're looking for

Another critical factor is the features you want in your stairlift. Naturally, you won't be able to navigate the feature lists before you use at least one stairlift.


However, we can tell you that most modern stairlifts are safe and comfortable.

Basic models will be cheaper but may not have all the necessary features.

The user of the stairlift

The stairlift user's physical needs and personal comfort should also be considered. If you have specific health conditions, such as arthritis or limited mobility, you may need a stairlift with additional support features, a standing stairlift, or extra safety belts.

stairlift user

All the information on that can and should be included in a stairlift quote. Remember that the more complex and feature-rich the stairlift you need, the higher the quoted price will be.

Installation and maintenance

Installation costs are another critical factor. Some companies include installation in their quotes, while others charge extra. It's essential to clarify this before making a decision.

The brand grade

The reputation and reliability of the stairlift brand will matter a lot.

Similar models from different brands will cost differently.

We've been stocking a lot of new and reconditioned stairlifts, and we know how to get a good deal on non-luxury but robust and feature-rich stairlifts.

Call us today if you're interested in finding a suitable option like that for your home.

Look for companies with positive customer reviews and a proven track record. While a cheaper quote might be tempting, ensuring the company can provide a high-quality product and excellent customer service is crucial. Remember, a stairlift is a long-term investment, so it's worth paying more for a product that will last and a company that will support you throughout its lifespan.

Getting the best value quote

Getting the best value on UK stairlift quotes may involve research, comparison, and negotiation.

best value

Start by understanding the different types of stairlifts available and their respective costs - we've gone through that above. Consider the installation costs, too.

Once you have a basic understanding of the costs involved, start gathering quotes from various stairlift providers.

You will notice that some providers package information into convenient formats. For example, we have an always-updated free brochure with stairlift types and top models. Just click "request a brochure" on our homepage to access it.

Get quotes from local and national companies, as prices vary significantly. Remember to look beyond the initial purchase price. Consider the warranty, after-sales service, and any ongoing maintenance costs.

Finally, don't be afraid to negotiate. Many stairlift providers are open to negotiation, especially if you have quotes from competitors. Asking for a better deal could save you hundreds of pounds.

If you cannot afford a stairlift, consider applying for grants or financial assistance. In the UK, several schemes, such as the Disabled Facilities Grant, can help cover the cost of a stairlift if you meet specific eligibility criteria. Completing the qualification process takes a while, but the lift would be free—or nearly free.

Top mistakes people make with stairlift quotes

Picking the wrong stairlift provider can cost you time, money, and nerves. While you can't know everything in advance, there are some red flags about the stairlift quotes you must watch out for.

top mistakes people make with stairlift quotes

Here's a quick list:

You are in touch with scammers

This should go without saying: Do not give your stairlift provider any personal information beyond what we mentioned in this post.

The price is suspiciously low.

The stairlift provider offering the quote may be trying to conceal essential services like installation or maintenance. Or they are selling you bare minimum models without proper features.

You ignore the fine print.

Warranties, installation terms, service, and more matter since stairlifts are complex and costly equipment.

Unresponsive and incompetent staff

If no one can answer your questions professionally and on time, you're probably not working with the best.

What should be included in stairlift quotes

Let's recap.

As you will be getting more and more stairlift quotes, make sure to look for the following things in each quote:

  • The cost of the stairlift unit itself.
  • The installation cost.
  • Extra & optional features.
  • Warranty & maintenance packages.
  • Removal cost - optional.

Eacheach Stairlift may include different things in their quotes, so asking for a detailed breakdown is always a good idea.

That's precisely the stage where you will vet some out because of how unfriendly and unresponsive they are.

If you want to get a quote and be qualified by one of our agents, call us today.

Based on the UK stairlift market as we know it and our online reviews on Feefo, you will be getting one of the best stairlift quotes available in 2024.

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Post Written by Wes Rowe
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