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Stair Lift Cost UK: Everything You Need to Know

If you want to maintain your freedom at home, a stair lift might be the ideal option. My Mobility UK has you covered when it comes to stairlifts. We offer various alternatives, from refurbished Acorn, Stannah, and Handicare models to brand-new Platinum and Bruno versions.

Want to learn more? Simply request a quote or brochure right away, and we'll walk you through the entire stairlift process smoothly!

We've got a stairlift for every need and budget! Choose from our selection, which includes reconditioned options like Acorn, Stannah, Handicare, and Thyssenkrupp stairlifts, and new models from Handicare, Platinum, and Bruno.

"Our straight stairlifts start at a reasonable £1200, while our curved stairlifts begin at £2,500."

At My Mobility UK, we're your clear choice for stairlifts:

  • No-pressure sales approach for informed decisions.
  • Next-day installation is available.
  • Competitive prices on straight and curved models.
  • 24/7 support from skilled engineers for reliability and troubleshooting.
stair lift cost uk

Call us today at 0800 208 1401 for a quote or arrange your FREE no-obligation home survey. Let us show you why our stairlifts are the best in the business.

0800 208 1401

Leading Stair Lift Providers in the UK

Acorn Stairlifts: They're a top choice in the UK, offering both new and reconditioned models to help you save money. We sell new Acorn models and refurbished ones that we've updated ourselves, all with our warranty.

Stannah Stairlifts: You might have heard of them for their elevators and escalators. They also make stairlifts, and we refurbish and sell their reconditioned ones at My Mobility UK.

Handicare: Their straight, curved, and outdoor stairlifts are designed to make it simpler for the elderly and disabled to move around their houses. We offer both new Handicare models and reconditioned ones that we've fixed up ourselves, all with our warranty.

Platinum Stairlifts: Are you looking for something unique? They're a UK-based company known for their special stairlift designs, catering to customers worldwide.

Thyssenkrupp: This German company is a big player in many industries, including stairlifts. We also refurbish and sell their reconditioned models at My Mobility UK.

Customised Stair Lift Solutions

We've got you covered with some extra-special stairlift options at My Mobility UK:

1. Heavy-Duty Stair Lifts: Do you need something strong and reliable? Check out the new Bruno stairlift. It's designed to carry heavier weights, and we've got many in stock.

2. Outdoor Stair Lifts: Want to relax on your porch or deck without worrying about the stairs? The Handicare 1000 outdoor variant is sleek, attractive, and built to handle outside terrain securely. We have it ready for you at My Mobility UK.

3. Sit-Stand Stairlifts: Need a little more flexibility? The Acorn sit-stand model might be exactly what you need. It allows you to sit or stand comfortably while riding, which is ideal for individuals who struggle to stay in one position for long periods. And, guess what? We are one of the few sites in the UK where you can get this unique model.

So, whatever your special needs may be, we've got the perfect stairlift solution for you!

Stair Lift Costs in the UK

The cost of stairlifts in the UK can be all over the map, depending on a bunch of things like what kind you need, whether you're getting it fresh or fixed up, and which brand you go for.

Well, you don't have to worry about it! My Mobility UK offers alternatives for every wallet size. Whether you're spending or on a strict budget, we've got a stairlift for you. Plus, we offer a free home survey to ensure you're picking the perfect one for your home.

Benefits of Choosing My Mobility UK

At My Mobility UK, we are all about making things simple and stress-free for our customers. Here are a few perks you are likely to get if you pick us.

  • FREE advice without obligation
  • Competitive prices
  • No-pressure sales approach

Looking for an affordable stairlift? Look no further! At My Mobility UK, we have several new and reconditioned options, including well-known brands such as Acorn, Stannah, Handicare, and ThyssenKrupp. So, no matter your budget or staircase style, we've got you covered.

And, guess what? We also freshen up the reconditioned models ourselves, so you receive high-quality products for a lower price. Plus, if you just need a stairlift for a short time, we provide rental choices—no biases here!

We're all about giving you the information you need without putting you under any kind of stress. Our friendly team is always on hand to offer advice, and we make sure you're fully clued up on our products before making any decisions.

And once you've made your choice, our engineers are ready to swoop in 24/7 for any help you need. Oh, and did we mention next-day installation across the UK? Yep, we're that quick!

So, if you want a stairlift that's affordable, reliable, and tailored just for you, My Mobility UK has got your back. Give us a call at 0800 208 1401 to chat about a quote, brochure, or free home survey. Let's make your life a whole lot easier!

Why our stairlifts are better than those of any other companies

We get it—choosing the right company for your stairlift needs is a big deal. But here's what makes us stand apart from the crowd:

Our no-pressure sales approach sets us apart. We understand this decision is important to you, so we want you to feel completely at ease. We'll listen to your needs and preferences, allowing you to make your decision without any pressure.

Time is precious, and we value yours. That's why, once you've made your choice, we offer next-day installation right in your home. Our skilled engineers will be there promptly to install your stairlift, ensuring you regain mobility in your home in no time.


Here's why My Mobility UK stands out:

  • No-pressure sales: Take your time to decide, no rushing!
  • Next-day installation: Get your new stairlift set up pronto.
  • Great prices on straight and curved models.
  • Expert engineers are available round the clock for support.
  • Free home surveys: We'll personalise recommendations just for you!
  • Top-notch after-sales care to keep your stairlift in tip-top shape.

Call us today at 0800 208 1401 for a quote or arrange your FREE no-obligation home survey. Let us show you why our stairlifts are the best in the business.

0800 208 1401


Frequently Asked Questions


⭐What is the average cost of a stair lift in the UK?

The average price of a stair lift in the UK varies based on several factors, including the kind of stair lift (straight or curved), brand, features, and any other customisations required.

Generally speaking, you should budget between £1,500 and £3,000 for a simple straight stair lift. Prices for a curved stair lift can range from £4,000 to £8,000 or more, depending on the intricacy of your staircase.

When deciding the cost of a stair lift for your house, you must consider what you need and your budget.

Plus, some suppliers may provide financing alternatives or payment plans that can make the purchase more affordable.

⭐Will the council pay for a stairlift?

Whether the council will pay for a stairlift varies based on individual circumstances. Here's what you need to know:

  • Some UK authorities might offer financial support or funding for stairlifts, especially for those with disabilities or mobility concerns.
  • Eligibility requirements often include medical necessity and financial need.
  • To learn more about available help and application procedures, contact your local council's social services or housing department.
  • If the council does not grant cash directly, it might offer information on alternative financial help possibilities.

⭐Is there an alternative to a stair lift?

Certainly! Here are some alternatives to stairlifts:

  • Home modifications: Consider ramps or reorganising your living space to avoid stairs.
  • Mobility aids: For easier mobility, think about wheelchairs, walkers, or canes.
  • Transfer aids: Devices such as transfer boards can assist with mobility.
  • Elevators or lifts: Installing a house lift or platform lift could be an option.
  • Personal assistance: Having someone accessible to help when required can make a significant difference.

Each option has its pros and cons, so it's worth exploring what works best for your situation!

⭐What is the difference between a stair lift and a chair lift?

The phrases "stair lift" and "chair lift" are sometimes used interchangeably, yet there can be a difference between the two:

  • Stair lift: A stair lift is a device used to carry people up and down stairs. It usually consists of a motorised chair or platform that slides down a track attached to the stairwell railing or wall. Individuals with mobility difficulties or impairments regularly use stair lifts to securely negotiate stairs at home.
  • Chair lift: A chair lift is a larger category of lifting devices that includes stair lifts but may also include other forms of lifts, such as chairlifts used for skiing or snowboarding, or chairlifts fitted in vehicles to aid mobility. In the context of home accessibility, "chair lift" is frequently used interchangeably with "stair lift."

In short, while "stair lift" refers especially to a device for crossing stairs, "chair lift" can refer to many types of lifting equipment. But in the context of home accessibility, the phrases can be used alternatively to refer to the same item.

⭐Can the elderly get a free stairlift?

While stairlifts are usually not free, there are various options for financial help:

  • Government grants or help programmes
  • Charitable organisations.
  • Veterans' benefits
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Means-tested benefits

It's worth looking into these possibilities to assist make up the expense.

⭐Do stairlifts add value to your home?

Stairlifts have the potential to increase the value of your house through improving accessibility, especially for the elderly or people with mobility issues. This feature may make your house more appealing to a broader group of potential purchasers, including those who value mobility and the ability to age in place.

Also, in areas with a large population of elderly or people with disabilities, homes with stairlifts may be in higher demand, potentially collecting a higher resale price.

But it's crucial to understand that the effect on house value might differ depending on things like regional market patterns, buyer demographics, and personal preferences. While some purchasers may regard a stairlift as an important addition, others may want to build their accessibility solutions.

⭐Can you get a free stairlift UK?

Getting a stairlift for free in the UK is rather uncommon, but there are some ways you can get financial help:

  • Some local councils can give grants to help you pay for things like stairlifts.
  • There are charities out there that might help you cover the cost.
  • Depending on your situation, you might qualify for government aid or benefits to help pay for it.
  • Sometimes insurance can cover part of the cost.

It's not easy to get one for free, but these options can help make it more affordable.

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Post Written by Wes Rowe
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