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Venus Chair

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The MyMob Maple chair is an elegant example of combining outstanding comfort with a sleek, modern design. Its streamlined design and luxurious details, like the thickly padded armrests and velvety back cushions, provide a cosy retreat. The chair's extra-gorgeous leather design, crafted for richness and durability, reflects daily life.

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A symbol of ultimate luxury covered with leather.

Our MyMob Maple chair combines superior comfort with a sleek, modern design. Its lusciously padded armrests and full back cushions attract you to come home. It is made to last and looks stunning in rich leather, making it perfect for daily use.

Snuggle up in the Maple Rise and Eecline chair—an excellent combination of design and comfort. Its smooth, contemporary style is defined by its simple, clean lines, and each curve and contour has been carefully designed for optimal relaxation. Feel the hug of the thickly padded armrests and sink into the soft back cushions, which invite you to relax and enter a peaceful world.

The MyMob Maple is a haven that awaits your return, not just a piece of furniture. Experience the delight of slipping into its warm embrace, whether at the end of a tiring day or the beginning of a leisurely weekend. This chair promises to be elegant and durable, and it welcomes you to enjoy the perfect blend of luxury and functionality. Its inviting shapes will make you feel at ease whenever you sink into them.

Matching Recline Sofa

Carry over the Maple's outstanding blend of beauty and comfort to your sofa. Your guests will enjoy its sleek, polished appearance, and as they sink onto the couch and explore its reclining functions, they will discover a level of comfort that exceeds all expectations. To appreciate the attraction of the plush, deep cushions, you really must feel them.

What we have in store for you.

  • You'll find a diverse selection of high-quality leather and materials in our collection. All of them are strong and can provide a little glamour to your living area.
  • Store-bought solutions may not always meet your standards. With MyMob Mapel, our team of experts will take exact measurements of your body to design a chair that fits you flawlessly and provides the highest level of comfort.
  • Three user-friendly engines, each with unique benefits, are available for our chairs. Select the one that best meets your requirements.
  • Customise your chairs with our array of accessories, including headrests, arm caps, neck rolls, lateral backs, and castors, to add a fashionable touch.

Frequently Asked Questions


⭐ How can I find my ideal chair size?

We are aware of how crucial a proper fit is. To create a perfectly tailored chair, our staff at MyMob Mapel takes exact measurements of your body. This guarantees ideal comfort suited to your particular requirements.

⭐ Can I pick the kind of material my chair is made of?

Of course! We provide an extensive range of premium leathers and materials in our inventory. We provide solid, fashionable solutions that let you customise your chair to fit your tastes, whether your taste is more modern or vintage.

⭐ What are the benefits of the various chair motor alternatives available?

Three easily operated motors are available for our chairs, each designed to meet particular requirements. These versatile motors offer a range of adjustability and varied degrees of recline, so you may choose the one that best suits your comfort needs.

⭐ Do you have any other chair attachments available?

Indeed, we do! Our selection of accessories allows you to improve the appearance and use of your chair. Choose from headrests, arm caps, lateral backs, neck rolls, and castors to give your chair a unique look and enhance your sitting experience.

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