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Riviera Gold - Adjustable Bed

Our Riviera Gold collection includes a stylish bed frame with motorized support for the head, lumbar, and feet. Use it on its own or with custom settings to meet your room exactly. Every night, you will be treated to amazing comfort.

Introducing our Riviera Gold collection: a stylish bed frame designed for ultimate comfort. With powered support for your head, lumbar region, and feet, it ensures a restful sleep every night.

Use it as a standalone piece or customize it with our tailor-made settings to perfectly complement your space. Its low-profile design adds a touch of elegance to any bedroom while offering unmatched versatility.

Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to personalized luxury. Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with our Riviera Gold collection, where comfort meets customization for a sleep experience like no other.

Fabrics and Leathers:

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Our Riviera Gold collection is the ultimate of comfort and sophistication in one streamlined package. Consider a bed frame that not only cradles you in luxury, but also offers personalized support for your head, lumbar region, and feet, all in a stylish, low-profile design.

Imagine slipping into your bed after a long day and feeling the powered support simply respond to your body's needs. Whether you're relaxing with a book, catching up on your favourite program, or simply getting some much-needed rest, our Riviera Gold collection has you covered - literally and figuratively.

Here's the best part: flexibility meets tailored luxury. It not only works brilliantly as a solo bed frame, but it also allows you to customize it to match your exact area. Looking to add a personal touch? Customize it with our settings to ensure it fits smoothly into your bedroom oasis.

Best Adjustable Features

Explore our Riviera bed collections, which include two innovative adjustable systems that provide increased comfort. With a single button press, you can easily adjust lumbar support, turn on motion-activated lights, and operate the integrated speakers. Adjust your bed with our tailored surroundings for the best sleep experience.

Exclusive Features: What Awaits You?

  • Brighten the way with a soft light to boost visibility during evening travels.
  • Our king-size alternative offers plenty of room and is easily regulated by a single mechanism.
  • Customize your comfort by adjusting the bed's height to your liking.
  • Navigate your sleep sanctuary with ease thanks to a user-friendly control that lights in the dark.
  • Store and retrieve your two favourite sleeping positions with ease and convenience.
  • With handy charging features, you can keep your gadgets charged even while lying in bed.
  • Multi-function Presets:
    • Enjoy comfortable television viewing with perfect placement.
    • Feeling weightless might provide relief from back discomfort.
    • Elevate your head to prevent snoring and promote uninterrupted sleep.
  • Customize the bed to properly fit your body, increasing overall comfort and support.

Bonus Features

  • Connect two twin extra-long beds quickly to form a single king-size sleeping surface.
  • In the case of a power outage, you can effortlessly move the bed to your preferred position to maintain comfort.
  • Rest assured that your purchase is insured against manufacture and workmanship defects.
  • With a single touch, you may simply return the bed to its flat position.
  • Simplify storage and transportation with simplified design elements.
  • Experience hassle-free delivery and setup with fewer packaging materials for environmental convenience.

Top Specifications

  • Bed Width: 2ft3 | 2ft 6 | 3ft | 4ft | 4ft 6 | 5ft | 6ft
  • Height at Headboard: 41” / 104.14 cm
  • Height st footboard: 26/66”
  • Length from Head to footboard: 81”/205 cm

Advance Bed Control Gadgets

  • 4 Independent Motors- Head/ Foot/ Neck/ Lumbar
  • Adjustable mood light system motion
  • App for smartphone control
  • Audio system

Find Your Ideal Mattress: Explore Top Picks for Your Perfect Sleep

Gel Infused: Regulates Body Temperature


  • 9” Reflex Foam with 1” Gel Foam for cooling effect.
  • 4-way stretch fabric for pressure relief.
  • Composition: 2.2% Lycra, 97.8% polyester.
  • Soft finish fire-resistant treated.
  • Material weight: 470 gsm.

Neptune: Pocket Spring + Memory Foam Blend


  • 1000 Pocket Springs + 1" Memory Foam for support.
  • 4-way stretch fabric with Tencel for comfort.
  • Composition: 90% polyester, 1% Tencel.
  • Soft finish fire-resistant treated.
  • Material weight: 250 gsm.

Nasa: Ortho and Memory Foam Blend


  • 8” Blue Ortho Foam with 2” Memory Foam for support.
  • 4-way stretch fabric for softness.
  • Soft finish fire-resistant treated.
  • Material weight: 260 gsm.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How does the adjustable mood light system work?

Our adjustable mood light system enhances your sleep environment with customizable lighting options. Simply use the control panel or app to adjust the brightness and colour to suit your mood and preferences.

⭐ Can I control the bed using my smartphone?

Yes, our bed comes with a convenient smartphone app that allows you to control various features, such as adjusting the motors for the head, foot, neck, and lumbar regions, managing the mood lighting, and even playing audio directly from your device.

⭐ What audio features are included with the bed?

Our bed is equipped with an integrated audio system, allowing you to enjoy your favourite music, podcasts, or relaxing sounds right from the comfort of your bed. Simply connect your device via Bluetooth or use the built-in speakers for an immersive audio experience.

⭐ Are the motors independent for each section of the bed?

Absolutely! Our bed features four independent motors, one for each section: head, foot, neck, and lumbar. This allows you to customize the positioning of each area of the bed according to your comfort preferences, providing tailored support for a restful night's sleep.

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