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Portofino - Adjustable Bed

Our Portofino Adjustable Bed offers you the luxury and convenience you deserve. The elegant design and powerful 5-motion motor allow you to easily personalize your comfort. So, let’s transform your bedroom into a personal retreat and enjoy ultimate relaxation every night.

Upgrade your sleep experience with our Portofino Adjustable Bed—it's your comfort wizard in your room! It has a chic, fully upholstered headboard that adds flair to any space.

But the real magic? Its 5-motion motor lets you tweak the head, middle, and foot parts separately for reading, chilling, or snoozing heaven.

And the controls? User-friendly; no technical expertise required. Whether you're starting your day with a spring in your step or unwinding after a marathon, the Portofino has you covered—literally.

Why don't you transform your bedroom into a haven of ultimate luxury and make bedtime the best time?

Fabrics and Leathers:

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Choose your mattress:

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Personalise with Accessories:

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Introducing the Portofino Adjustable Bed, which seamlessly blends comfort and sophistication. This isn't just any bed; it's a sanctuary designed to meet your every need, whether reclining, reading, or drifting off into a peaceful sleep.

It has a sleek, fully upholstered headboard that adds beauty to your space and provides a comforting backdrop for your relaxation zone. But what truly sets the Portofino apart is its ingenious 5-motion motor, a marvel of modern engineering.

The cherry on top? The controls are as straightforward as they come. There's no need to rummage around in the dark or reach awkwardly for buttons. Everything is practically at your fingertips. It is all about creating life.

Ready to transform your bedroom into a personal paradise? Let us make it happen with the Portofino Adjustable Bed. Your ticket to pleasant moments in bed is waiting for you.

What makes it unique?

  • Adjust the head, stomach, and foot sections separately to get a precise sleeping or lounging position. It's like having someone else make your sleepwear!
  • Choose from 22 fabric options to customize your bed to your unique preferences. Who said that comfort cannot be fashionable?
  • A motion handset with five user-friendly buttons allows you to seamlessly navigate through your comfort settings. There are no technical issues here!
  • The wall-hugger motor keeps your comfort controls within easy reach. No more uncomfortable straining and reaching!
  • Choose from four specific mattress designs to ensure the best fit for your sleeping needs. It's like having a mattress butler at your disposal!

With the Portofino Adjustable Bed, you may enjoy the ultimate level of convenience and comfort, where each night is a customized luxurious haven.

Quality Head & Footboard

With our Parma Headboard and Footboard, you can seamlessly combine design and comfort. Its elegant design complements any decor, and the strong construction provides long-lasting warmth. Easy assembly and durability ensure both stylish aesthetics and cosy comfort. Ideal for an update to a modern bedroom!

Top Features

  • Clean, modern lines simply complement any bedroom design.
  • Simple assembly for a quick bedroom makeover.
  • Designed to retain its sophisticated appeal for years to come.
  • Integrates seamlessly into both classic and contemporary design schemes.
  • Offers strong support for a restful night's sleep.

Motion Hanset

Say hello to effortless comfort with our Motion Handset! It's like having a magic wand for your bed—just a touch and voila! Adjust for the ideal sleeping, reading, or relaxation position. With its user-friendly design, you're the master of your comfort domain, with no complicated controls in sight.

Top Features

  • Effortlessly adjust your bed's position with simple button presses for optimal comfort.
  • Designed with user-friendly controls, you can operate it without confusion or hassle.
  • Personalize your sleep experience by easily setting up your favorite positions for quick access.
  • Stay cozy in bed as the motion handset allows you to control everything without needing to get up.
  • Enjoy smooth and precise movement, allowing for easy fine-tuning of your sleeping or lounging position.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ What mattress sizes are compatible with the Portofino bed?

The Portofino bed is designed to accommodate standard mattress sizes, including Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

⭐ Does the Portofino bed require any special installation or assembly?

Assembly for the Portofino bed is straightforward and typically does not require any special tools. However, it's recommended to follow the provided instructions carefully for optimal setup.

⭐ Can I use my existing mattress with the Portofino bed?

Yes, you can use your existing mattress with the Portofino bed as long as it is compatible with the size of the bed frame. However, for the best experience, it's recommended to pair it with a compatible mattress designed for adjustable beds.

⭐ Is the Portofino bed compatible with adjustable bed-friendly accessories like headboard attachments or bed skirts?

Yes, the Portofino bed is designed to be compatible with various adjustable bed accessories, including headboard attachments and bed skirts. However, it's essential to ensure compatibility with the specific model and size of the bed.

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