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MyMobility Geneva: Compact Elegance for Small Bathrooms

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Check out MyMobility Geneva for a space-saving walk-in bath perfect for small bathrooms! It has a comfortable curved seat that keeps you sitting upright as you soak. It's also little yet oh-so-luxurious, fitting well into any cosy environment.

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The MyMobility Geneva is a sleek walk-in bath that functions as an unseen weapon in small bathrooms. It's not your typical big package. It is space-saving magic. The best part is that it has an integrated seat that supports your back and keeps you seated upright as you soak.

And here's the thing: that comfortable atmosphere is everything. This walk-in bath is all about fitting in and making your bathroom feel like a peaceful sanctuary. It's compact, but nice. You know, the sort of tub that not only fits in your room but also makes it seem cosier? So, the MyMobility Geneva walk-in bath makes modest bathrooms seem like a luxurious spa getaway.


MyMobility Geneva is a space-saving walk-in bath designed for small bathrooms. With a built-in contoured seat that helps maintain an upright sitting position, its small yet luxurious design blends easily into any cosy space.


  • The integrated moulded seat is designed to give outstanding support when bathing, enabling a pleasant and see upright sitting position.
  • The MYMobility Geneva walk-in bath's sleek design improves space in smaller bathrooms without sacrificing comfort or practicality.
  • The integrated seat is not just comfortable; it is also extremely safe. It reduces the danger of slips and falls by assisting users in maintaining an upright position, offering greater security and peace of mind throughout bathing practices.
  • Its careful design allows you to get into the bath comfortably, increasing independence and making bathing a more doable process.
  • An attractive and useful addition to any bathroom setting, the integrated chairs ensure the bath doesn't simply fit into the available space but also improves the overall decor.


  • Design that saves space, ideal for tiny bathrooms.
  • Curved seat for maximum comfort.
  • For simple access, there is an accessible entry point at a low level of 190mm.
  • There are two width options: 660mm and 750mm, depending on your desire.
  • A broad, totally sealed door opens inward to keep water out.
  • User-friendly, with no harmful traps or complicated mechanics.
  • Standard temperature-controlled mixer taps are included for extra ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Is MyMobility Geneva walk-in bath going to fit in my tiny bathroom?

Yes, this product is built to fit into tight spots like an expert. It's all about the tiny feel, so even if your bathroom is small, this will fit right in.

⭐ How simple is it to enter and exit?

No need to be concerned! We have your back. The entry point is low—like, 190mm low—so getting in and out is simple. There is no need for any stunts.

⭐ Can I pick the size that works best for me?

Absolutely! You have alternatives here. Choose from 660mm to 750mm widths. Find the one that feels suitable for your space and personal taste.

⭐ Are there any locks or knobs to struggle with?

Our walk-in bath has been designed to be simple. The door opens completely without any fussy catches or perplexing processes.

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