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MyMobility Constance: Your Path to Effortless Luxury and Restful Relaxation

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"Get into pure comfort with MyMobility Constance—a delightful blend of convenience and luxury." Its huge walk-in bath, easy entry, and smooth transition from sitting to standing redefine relaxation. Lean back, spread out, and soak up the ultimate comfort!"

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The MyMobility Constance walk-in bath is a dream combination of ease and absolute elegance! This full-sized walk-in bath is your ticket to complete relaxation. Plus, with its low entrance point, it's made for easy-peasy access. No acrobatics are required to jump in!

But hold on, there's more! It greatly simplifies your movements. Need to get from sitting to standing? It's a piece of cake! It's all about convenience. And here's the best part: you can lay back, spread out, and enjoy total relaxation. You have the choice to unwind however you choose.

So, say goodbye to the strain of getting in and out of a standard bath and welcome to the MyMobility Constance—the epitome of luxury, convenience, and absolute relaxation!


A perfect blend of convenience and luxury with a full-sized walk-in bath. MyMobility Constance features a low entry point for easy access. It facilitates the switch between sitting and standing positions with ease, all while enjoying the option to lean back and stretch out in perfect comfort.


  • This walk-in bath is your special invitation to relax. Step in with no huge hurdles in your way—just easy sailing into your comfort zone.
  • That contoured seat is revolutionary! Consider settling into a comfortable location that has been specially made for you. It's not only about sitting; it's about customised comfort for your relaxing hours.
  • The design of this walk-in bath promotes movement and offers relaxation. Stand or sit, whichever fits your mood. There is no need for gymnastics.
  • Ah, the luxury of space! Imagine yourself extending out and reclining backwards without experiencing any pain. This bath provides a retreat where you can completely unwind and stretch your legs.


  • A full-sized walk-in bathtub in the conventional design.
  • Low entrance point that is easily accessible.
  • A large, completely sealed door that opens inward.
  • User-friendly, with no risky locks or complicated mechanics.
  • Mixer taps with standard temperature control are included.

Frequently Asked Questions


⭐ Is this a standard bathtub, or am I receiving a spa-level upgrade?

No, this isn't a typical bathtub! MyMobility Constance walk-in bath is more like a home spa day. Full-sized, comfortable, and ready for total relaxation.

⭐ How difficult is it to get into and out of this thing?

Simple as that! We have a low entrance point that makes stepping in and out easy. There are no high hurdles or acrobatics required—just plain bath time enjoyment.

⭐ I'm not a computer genius. Is it possible for me to use the controls on this bathtub?

Absolutely! There is no need for technological expertise. Our bathtub keeps things simple and safe. There are no strange catches or perplexing buttons. Simply turning the knob puts you in command of your bath empire.

⭐ Do I need to be a plumbing genius to install it?

Not at all! Installing this beauty won't turn you into a plumbing superhero. It's designed for a hassle-free setup, and if you ever need a hand, our user-friendly manual has got your back.

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