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MyMobility Como: Revel in the Freedom of Space and Affordable Luxury

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Dive into luxury with the MyMobility Como Walk-In Bath—with its large, comfortable, and no-awkward seat! Its flat-as-a-board foundation, leak-proof door, and simple compatibility with bath lifts make it the cosy and accessible bath of your fantasies.

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Step into the MyMobility Como Walk-In Bath's beautiful spaciousness! This walk-in bath is all about expansive elegance—imagine it as a huge, luxurious tub without a built-in bench and a flat base that's perfect for stretching out.

Thinking about the door? Well, it has watertight swings inward, making it easy to get in and out without water splashing everywhere. Guess what else? It pairs easily with most bath lifts, allowing you to customise your comfort level like a pro. Comfort and affordability are combined into a chic bathing experience!


Experience the roomy elegance of the MyMobility Como Walk-In Bath, a sumptuous, full-sized solution with no integrated seat and a base as flat as a board. It has a completely watertight, inward-opening door and effortlessly pairs with most bath lifts, making comfort and accessibility a breeze.


  • The MyMobility Como Walk-in Bath is full-size, so there's plenty of room for everyone in the family to soak and relax without feeling crowded.
  • You are free to arrange it any way you see fit, as there is no integrated seat. Use your favourite bath pillow or combine it with any bath lift that appeals to you. It's all about making bath time as relaxing as slipping into your favourite pyjamas.
  • The Como's design makes it simple for anybody to get in and out without having to do any gymnastics. That inward-swinging door? There will be no leaks or spills, as it is extremely waterproof. It's like your own little gateway to relaxation heaven.
  • The icing on the cake? It works well with the majority of bath lifts! That means you have lots of options for personalising your bath experience. Mix and match to discover the perfect combination for your needs.


  • Classic full-size walk-in tub.
  • Simple flat base with no built-in seat.
  • Step in with ease, thanks to the low entry point.
  • Swing the large door open—it's entirely waterproof.
  • Easy-to-use operation without any complex buttons or traps.
  • Enjoy the ideal temperature with our standard temperature-controlled mixer taps.

Frequently Asked Questions


⭐ Is the MyMobility Como Walk-In Bath appropriate for people of all ages?

Absolutely! The Como bath is designed for the entire family. This tub is your go-to place for relaxation, whether you're an old soul enjoying life or a carefree teenager.

⭐ How do I personalise my MyMobility Como walk-in bathing experience?

Simple as that! Considering it doesn't come with a built-in seat, you can add your favourite cushion or couple it with any bath lift you pick. Make your bath your rule!

⭐ Is the door watertight, or am I risking a bathroom flood?

No flood alerts here! The Como's door is fully closed off, like a fortress. So, confidently fling it open and enjoy your bath without fear of a splashy surprise.

⭐ Are the mixer taps easy to use?

Yup! This isn't rocket science. Our temperature-controlled mixer taps come standard, making it as simple as turning on the tap to get the perfect bath temperature.

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