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MyMob Tulip - Modern Elegance & Ergonomic Design

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The price starts from £900 to £2000, depending on the combination of features you choose.

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Check out our Tulip collection—it's like a style update for your living space! With its ultra-comfy cushions that will have your back and a footrest that shows off your legs, this collection has it all for a relaxed, modern attitude. Perfect for you if you wish to brighten up your environment without compromising your comfort!

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It's a modern-day masterpiece.

With its sleek form, plush cushions, and supportive footrest, the Tulip collection offers a modern take on comfort and style. It's the ideal option for advanced, relaxation-seeking modern living areas.

Welcome to our MyMob Tulip collection, a tribute to the ultimate comfort level and modern design! Imagine making your living space a sleek, modern haven with stylish, health-promoting furniture. Our Tulip pieces have an elegant, stylish design and enough padding in the back and seat for unmatched support.

Say goodbye to discomfort because we've got your back! Also, our roomy footrest is ready to cuddle up to your ankles and feet when you want to relax and raise your legs.

This is a must-have combination of modern elegance and ergonomic design for anyone looking for a stylish yet comfortable living area. So, if you're all about that modern feel without sacrificing comfort, the Tulip collection is the key to an elegant yet laid-back house!

Matching Recline Sofa

Pair the Tulip riser recline chair with a gorgeous matching sofa that has the same reclining features for a beautiful, well-coordinated design. No matter where you decide to sit, using the easy-to-use handheld control panel will make sitting and standing a breeze.


  • Adds comfort and contemporary elegance to your space.
  • Offers your body the best support possible.
  • Simplified design adds a modern element.
  • A roomy footrest guarantees total comfort.

What we have in store for you

  • We've got a premium selection of fabrics, including high-quality leather and durable materials, that enhance the beauty of your surroundings.
  • We give you a custom-made chair to match your exact measurements and will provide the finest support available. Our professionals will take accurate measurements of you to ensure the chair fits you perfectly and provides maximum comfort.
  • For our chairs, there are three easy-to-use motor choices, each with exceptional benefits. Pick the option that best satisfies your needs.
  • Our selection of accessories, including washable headrests, arm caps, neck rolls, lateral backs, and castors, can give your chairs a unique, fashionable touch.

Frequently Asked Questions


⭐ Do you offer more colour options than those in the collection?

Certainly! Even though we have some unique colours available, we understand that customization is necessary. Contact us, and we'll look into other colour possibilities to fit your preferences.

⭐ Is it possible to use the Tulip Collection in tight spaces or small apartments?

Indeed! Space-saving designs from the Tulip line are ideal for small residences. We offer solutions that optimize comfort and style even in constrained spaces.

⭐ Can I indulge in the Tulip collection after an exhausting workday?

Definitely! Our MyMob Tulip products are made to be as cosy as possible, providing a haven for your tired self.

⭐ Will the Tulip line fit my quirky, varied style?

It's adaptable! The collection's modern style suits various preferences and adds a fantastic element to many moods.

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