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MyMob 4000 New Curve Stairlift | Twin Rail Perfect Fit

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The MyMob 4000 New Curve Stairlift is a bespoke solution for mobility needs. This state-of-the-art stairlift features a dual rail system, ensuring a smooth and secure ride even on tight bends. Customisable to perfection, the 4000 offers a range of automatic options, including a folding hinge, powered swivel, and footrest. With the ability to customise rail colours and choose from three elegant seat styles, the MyMob 4000 seamlessly blends with your home décor. Ideal for curved staircases and narrow hallways, this stairlift is the epitome of innovation, comfort, and style. Elevate your mobility experience with the MyMob 4000.

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MyMob 4000

MyMob 4000 New Curve Stairlift is a state-of-the-art twin rail system meticulously designed to ensure an impeccable fit for your staircase. The 4000 boasts many bespoke options, including an automatic folding hinge to prevent obstruction of adjacent doorways and a motorised swivel and footrest for convenience.

The robust twin rail structure guarantees a smooth ride whilst accommodating tight curves. This system is unrivalled in achieving the most compact rail bends, making it the ultimate selection for winding or curved staircases and slender corridors.

Customisation is at the heart of the MyMob 4000 New Curve Stairlift. The rail colour can be tailored to complement your interior, and the seat is available in an assortment of colours across three chic styles: the Style, the Smart, and the Simplicity.

Style Seat for Curved Stairlifts

The MyMob Style seat is available in three colours and has various motorised features to enhance daily life.

Maximum Load Capacity

MyMob 4000 New Curve Stairlift hinged rail: 136kg/21½ st

MyMob 4000 New Curve Stairlift non-hinged rail: 136kg/21½ st standard rail and 160kg/25¼ st with HD rail

Available Features

Motorised Footplate (Optional)

The footplate can be folded effortlessly to optimise available space. The MyMob stairlifts are designed with seats, footplates, and arms that can be manually folded to allow unobstructed access for other stair users.

The motorised footplate option eliminates the need to stoop to fold or unfold the footplate. You can opt for a footplate that folds up in tandem with the seat or is operated independently via a switch on the arm. The latter allows you to raise and lower the footplate while seated.

One-way Motorised Swivel Seat (Optional)

This feature lets your seat swivel automatically, ensuring a safe exit onto the landing. All MyMob stairlifts are equipped with a manual swivel operated by a handle on either side of the seat. The motorised swivel option negates the need for manual operation: continue to hold the toggle in the direction of travel upon reaching the top of the rail, and the seat will automatically rotate to face the landing.

Motorised Hinged Rail (Optional)

This feature allows the track to be folded away from the doorway, ensuring clear access. The track must extend beyond the staircase to the lower floor for the seat to descend low enough for the user to sit. A hinged track is recommended when a doorway is near the bottom of the stairs. This allows the track to be folded away from the entrance, ensuring clear access.

The twin tube construction offers both strength and stability while accommodating tight bends. This system boasts the most familiar angle available from any stairlift manufacturer, making it the perfect choice for compact stairs and hallways.

This dual rail system, known for its stable and smooth ride, is available in standard light grey, brown, or jet black and is delivered with industry-leading manufacturing times.

MyMob also accepts special orders and allows the track to be finished in any colour to match your décor.

This twin rail system is available with a choice of three seats: the Style, the Smart, and the Simplicity.

The MyMob Freecurve stairlift is crafted to the highest standards. The Freecurve is custom-made for your staircase and offers extensive customisation options to meet your needs.

The sleek, single-rail design is unobtrusive on your stairs. It is available in various colours to harmonise with your home and interior design.

The MyMob Freecurve seat is also highly versatile, with many styles and options. Please choose from our Classic, Elegance, or Alliance seats to customise your lift regarding aesthetics and additional features.

The Freecurve also has motorised and automatic options for your specific requirements. The boundless customisation possibilities make the Freecurve the quintessential stairlift for any residence.

Additional Options:

Body Harness

MyMob 4000 New Curve Stairlift offers Body Harnesses to provide the necessary support for straight stairlifts. These harnesses are specially designed for stairlift users needing additional stability during transit. The contoured design ensures comfort and adjustable straps allow for a custom fit.

The stairlift body harness is available in three sizes to make your stairlift experience as safe and comfortable as possible, providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones. MyMob stairlifts prioritise safety, and the added stability of the body harness ensures the safest and most comfortable way to navigate your home’s stairs.

MyMob also offers body harnesses for curved stairlifts.

Drop Nose Track

Sometimes, a single-tube curved track can be an alternative to a hinged track. If compatible with your staircase, a drop-nose track can be installed, allowing the track to finish closer to the stairs and eliminating the need for a hinged track.

Two-way Powered Swivel - For Narrow Staircases

The Two-way Powered Swivel was developed explicitly for very narrow, curved staircases. Once seated, the seat automatically turns so that your back faces the stairs, ensuring your knees do not collide with the wall or handrail. This feature is also helpful for those who have difficulty bending their knees. At the top of the stairs, the seat turns to face the landing, ensuring a safe and comfortable exit.

Powered and Illuminated Footplate

The powered and illuminated footplate eliminates bending down to fold it. With the press of a button, it folds up or down automatically while you remain seated. Additionally, it is illuminated when folded down, making it visible in the dark and preventing tripping hazards in low-light conditions.

The powered and illuminated footplate is available for the Alliance, Elegance, and Classic seats.

In summary, the MyMob 4000 New Curve Stairlift, with its dual rail precision fit, is the epitome of innovation and customisation. Its features, including motorised footplates, swivel seats, and hinged rails, ensure ease of use, safety, and elegance. The MyMob 4000 New Curve Stairlift is tailored to your needs, making it an impeccable choice for any home.

Frequently Asked Questions


⭐What is the weight capacity of the MyMob 4000 New Curve Stairlift?

The MyMob 4000 Nеw Curvе Stairlift can support up to 136kg/21½ st with a standard rail and 160kg/25¼ st with an HD rail, providing a rеliablе and robust solution for various usеrs.

⭐Can the rail colour and seat style of the MyMob 4000 be customised?

Yеs, thе rail color can bе tailorеd to complеmеnt your intеrior, and thе sеat is availablе in thrее chic stylеs: Stylе, Smart, and Simplicity, providing customizablе options to suit your prеfеrеncеs and homе décor.

⭐ Does the MyMob 4000 New Curve Stairlift offer motorised features?

Yеs, thе stairlift offеrs optional motorizеd fеaturеs including a motorizеd footplatе for spacе optimization, onе-way motorizеd swivеl sеat for safе and еasy accеss, and a motorizеd hingеd rail for clеar accеss nеar doorways.

⭐ Is the MyMob 4000 New Curve Stairlift suitable for curved or winding staircases?

Absolutеly, thе 4000 boasts a robust twin rail structurе dеsignеd to accommodatе tight curvеs, making it thе ultimatе sеlеction for winding or curvеd staircasеs and slеndеr corridors.

⭐ Are there options for additional convenience and safety features with the MyMob 4000 New Curve Stairlift?

Indееd, thе stairlift offеrs various optional fеaturеs such as a folding hingе to prеvеnt obstruction of adjacеnt doorways, a motorizеd swivеl and footrеst for convеniеncе, еnsuring both practicality and safеty for usеrs.

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