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MyMob 130 Reconditioned Stairlift | Safe & Affordable

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MyMob 130 Reconditioned Stairlift is one of the slimmest and thinnest stairlifts, making it a low-maintenance and reliable product available in the market. It has a tailorable track, which helps it blend into your house environment. In addition, it can be installed on both the right and left sides of the staircase, and its compact design enables you to save a lot of space on your staircase.

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MyMob 130 Reconditioned Stairlift | High Quality and Affordable

The key feature of the MyMob 130 Reconditioned Stairlift that makes it different from other stairlifts is that it can easily be installed in your home without any structural modifications. It is the solution for individuals who face issues while climbing the stairs affordably and efficiently.

The stairlift has a sleek design that can be conveniently folded away when not in use, and a hinged rail is also available to prevent tripping hazards. At My Mobility UK, we ensure that all reconditioned models undergo a thorough inspection and testing process before being made available for purchase.

Any worn-out or damaged parts are replaced with authentic manufacturer parts to ensure the stairlift is in excellent working condition. Our primary aim is to offer our customers high-quality and dependable products that improve their mobility and safety at home. However, it's important to note that although the stairlift will be in optimal working condition, the upholstery may exhibit wear and tear.

* While parts are replaced, it's important to note that the upholstery on a reconditioned stairlift may show signs of wear and tear.

Features and Benefits

The MyMob 130 Reconditioned Stairlift is an excellent solution for those who face challenges while climbing stairs. This product provides a range of features and benefits for comfort and convenience.

  • One of the most notable features is its compact and discreet design that blends well with the interior of your home.
  • Additionally, the stairlift comes with a manual swivel option and manual footrest, providing added safety and convenience.
  • It also has a seatbelt for security and remote controls for easy operation. Lastly, the product comes with a standard one-year warranty, which gives you added peace of mind.

Fully reconditioned

The MyMob 130 Reconditioned Stairlift undergoes a thorough reconditioning process before installation in your home. This process comprehensively inspects all the moving parts, electrics, batteries, and outer casings. Any necessary repairs or replacements are carried out to ensure the stairlift is in top-notch working condition. Additionally, the stairlift is fully serviced to meet the latest British safety standards before being installed in your home. This vital point guarantees that the stairlift is operational, safe, and comfortable.

Folding Arms, Seat, and Footrest

The MyMob 130 Reconditioned Stairlift has a practical folding mechanism that allows the arms, seat, and footrest to be neatly stored away when unused. This feature maximizes the available space on your staircase, making it more accessible for other individuals. The stairlift's sleek and slim design also provides a discreet solution for mobility concerns.

Manual Swivel Seat

The MyMob 130 Reconditioned Stairlift has a manual swivel seat that offers enhanced safety and convenience. The seat can be rotated and secured at 45° or 90° angles, thus enabling smooth and secure access to the stairlift. The user can operate the chair by using a lever, and this feature is beneficial when getting off the stairlift at the top of the stairs. This attribute significantly enhances the user-friendliness and safety of the stair lift.

Safety Belt

The MyMob 130 Reconditioned Stairlift has a safety belt that must be worn to ensure the user's safety. The strap automatically retracts into its position when not in use, maintaining a neat appearance. This feature provides additional security and confidence for the user while operating the stairlift.

Remote Controls

The MyMob 130 Reconditioned Stairlift has remote control options to ensure easy operation. These controls are conveniently placed on both arms of the chair, allowing the user to effortlessly summon the lift to their position or send it to someone else.

Utilizing the stairlift is a straightforward process as the user only needs to push the armrest paddle in their preferred direction of travel. This attribute enhances the user's independence and facilitates ease of operation.

Safety Edges

The MyMob 130 Reconditioned Stairlift has safety edges on the footplate and carriage sides. These safety edges are an additional safety measure that halts the stairlift immediately upon encountering obstacles, thus averting any possible accidents. This feature ensures the user's safety during the use of the stairlift.

Display screen

The MyMob 130 Reconditioned Stairlift has a display screen that offers valuable insights into the stairlift's performance. The display screen furnishes details about the stairlift's charging status, enabling the user to monitor the status effortlessly and ascertain that the stairlift is ready for use at any time. This attribute empowers the user by giving them knowledge about the stairlift's position and allowing them to make the most of it.

Key Lock

The MyMob 130 Reconditioned Stairlift has an essential lock function that enables the user to disable and secure the stairlift as required. This feature is particularly beneficial in preventing unauthorized access or when the stairlift is idle. It offers an additional level of protection and assurance.

Weight Capacity

The MyMob 130 Reconditioned Stairlift has a weight capacity of 20 stone (127 kg), making it a versatile and practical solution for individuals with mobility issues. This feature ensures that the stairlift accommodates many users, making it a suitable option for many households. It is important to note that this weight capacity must be considered, as it is crucial in ensuring the safety and convenience of users.

You can obtain more information about our stairlifts by requesting a quote online or contacting one of our qualified staff members.

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Frequently Asked Questions


⭐ What is the primary distinguishing feature of the MyMob 130 Rеconditioning Stairlift

The primary distinguishing fеaturе of thе MyMob 130 Rеconditioning Stairlift is its compact dеsign and grеasе-frее rail, which allows it to blеnd sеamlеssly with homе intеriors and takе up minimal spacе on thе staircasе. Its innovativе technology еliminatеs thе nееd for grеasе or oil on thе rail, making it еasy to clеan and safе to touch.

⭐ How does the reconditioning process ensure the reliability of the stairlift?

Our rеconditioning process involves a comprеhеnsivе inspеction and tеsting of all moving parts, еlеctrics, battеriеs, and outеr casings. Worn-out or damagеd componеnts arе rеplacеd with authеntic manufacturеr parts, and thе stairlift is fully sеrvicеd to mееt thе latеst British safеty standards. This mеticulous procеss guarantееs that thе stairlift is in top-notch working condition.

⭐What safety features does the MyMob 130 Stairlift offer?

Thе stairlift comеs with sеvеral safеty fеaturеs, including a safеty bеlt for thе usеr, safеty еdgеs on thе footplatе and carriagе sidеs that halt thе lift in casе of obstaclеs, and a kеy lock for additional sеcurity. Thе display scrееn providеs insights into thе stairlift's pеrformancе and rеmotе controls on both arms еnsurе еasy opеration.

⭐Can the stairlift be folded away when not in use to save space?

Yеs, thе MyMob 130 Stairlift has a practical folding mеchanism that allows thе arms, sеat, and footrеst to bе nеatly storеd away whеn not in usе. This fеaturе maximizеs thе availablе spacе on your staircasе, providing convеniеncе and accеssibility for othеr individuals in thе housеhold.

⭐ What is the weight capacity of the MyMob 130 Stairlift?

The stairlift has a weight capacity of 20 stonе (127 kg), making it a vеrsatilе solution suitablе for individuals with various mobility nееds. It is essential to consider this wеight capacity to еnsurе thе safеty and convеniеncе of usеrs if you have specific wеight-rеlatеd concerns, fееl frее to contact our qualifiеd staff for further assistance.

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