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Mercury Chair

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Presenting the MyMob Cedar, your perfect relaxing partner. This chair blends modern comfort and traditional style. It's a classic item with broad wings, a button-back cushion, and fashionable wooden knuckles. Sink into the soft back cushion for outstanding support. The knuckles are easy to grasp, making moving from sitting to standing effortless.

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Enjoy Comfort and Luxury with the Classic Look of Cedar.

MyMob Cedar classic rise and recline chair combines timeless appeal, customised comfort, and effortless elegance for ideal relaxation."

The Cedar rise and recline chair reflects the spirit of timeless comfort and stylish beauty. It combines classic appeal with fitting comfort, making it perfect for people who want ease and flair.

Its broad wings and button-back cushion give it a sophisticated look, and its elegant wooden knuckles lend an air of delicacy.

The thickly padded back cushion is inviting and provides excellent rest support. The carefully crafted, comfortable-to-grip hardwood knuckles make it simple to go from sitting to standing.

This chair combines style and usefulness effortlessly, making it the perfect choice for a comfortable reading nook or moment of respite.

Matching Recline Sofa

Add a reclining sofa to your lounge to complete the elegant atmosphere and balance the sophistication of the Cedar rise and recline chair.

Share the joy of ultimate relaxation as more than one person enjoys the luxurious luxury of a leg lift.

Personalise your furniture with a wide range of beautiful leathers and fabrics that precisely capture your unique style.

Experience that awaits within our store

  • Check out our broad collection of fabrics, including leather and hard-wearing materials, etc—Each is beautiful to your environment.
  • Sometimes, an off-the-shelf chair won't do; in those cases, a custom-made chair that fits your measurements will offer the best support. Our experts will measure you precisely to ensure the utmost comfort to craft a chair that suits you.
  • There are three simple-to-operate motor options for our chairs, each with unique advantages. Select the one that best meets your requirements.
  • With our selection of accessories, like headrests, arm caps, neck rolls, lateral backs, and castors, you can add a unique, stylish touch to your chairs.

Frequently Asked Questions


⭐ What is the estimated time of delivery for a personalised chair?

The time it takes to create and deliver your customised chair varies. From measurements to delivery, it usually takes a few weeks, so your customised comfort is expertly crafted.

⭐ Are these chairs appropriate for people with specific mobility requirements?

Of course! Our chairs are designed to meet a range of needs. We provide alternatives with improved support and features like easy-to-grip knuckles, which make sitting and standing more accessible for people with specific mobility issues.

⭐ Can I check samples of the materials to decide what to buy?

Of course! Visit our showroom to feel the premium leather and materials we utilise. Agents are prepared to walk you through the options and assist you in making an informed choice.

⭐ Are these chairs covered by any form of warranty?

We guarantee the quality of our seats. Every purchase is accompanied by a warranty that covers manufacturing flaws. Upon purchasing, specific warranty information is provided.

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