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Marbella – Rise and Recliner

Marbella is a modern twin motor riser recliner made of sumptuous leather with delicate double stitching. Its twin motor system allows for independent adjustment of the footrest and backrest, and the riser function makes sitting and standing more comfortable.

Let's introduce Marbella: a modern dual motor riser recliner designed for your ultimate comfort and convenience. Crafted with luxurious leather and adorned with exquisite double-stitch detailing, it combines style with functionality seamlessly.

The dual motor feature enables independent adjustment of the footrest and backrest, allowing you to personalize your sitting experience.

Plus, the riser function enhances accessibility by making sitting and standing effortless. Whether relaxing after a long day or simply enjoying a moment of repose, Marbella offers a luxurious and tailored seating experience.

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Marbella is your ticket to maximum comfort and convenience in the world of riser recliners. Picture yourself slipping into a cloud of calm owing to Marbella's velvety padding, which is meant to make you feel as if you're floating on air.

Let's talk about style: Marbella isn't just comfy; it's simply attractive, with its sumptuous leather upholstery and intricate double-stitch embellishments that give a touch of refinement to any environment.

But wait—there's more! Marbella is more than simply a gorgeous face; it's also thoughtfully created for your comfort. Do you need the latest magazine or the TV remote? Not a problem! Marbella has you covered with a convenient magazine pocket and a hook for your remote control, so your necessities are always within arm's length.

Features that Make a Difference

The qualities that make Marbella the peak of luxury in the world of riser recliners:

  • Sumptuous Cushioning: Relax in the luxurious comfort of Marbella's sumptuous cushioning, which is carefully created to cradle your body and give you an oasis of calm.
  • Magazine Pocket & Handset Loop: The practical magazine pocket keeps your favourite magazines, novels, or remotes within arm's reach, while the handset loop keeps your remote control close to your hand when needed.
  • Cushioned Armrests: Enjoy ultimate relaxation and support with Marbella's cushioned armrests, which provide a pleasant resting spot for your arms as you recline.
  • 5-Button USB Handset: Take control of your comfort with ease using Marbella's innovative 5-button USB handset. Effortlessly adjust the footrest and backrest independently to find your perfect reclining position at the touch of a button.
  • Dual Motor Action: Enjoy personalized comfort like never before with Marbella's dual motor action. This innovative feature allows you to adjust the footrest and backrest independently, giving you complete control over your seating experience.
  • 1-Year Standard Warranty: Rest easy knowing that your investment is protected by Marbella's comprehensive 1-year standard warranty. With Marbella, peace of mind comes standard.

Available Colors

  • Marbella Carbon Grey
  • Marbella Mulberry
  • Marbella Walnut

What Makes Marbella Speical

  • Marbella is versatile and attractive, fitting smoothly into any environment and easily accommodating various activities.
  • Marbella's adjustable footrest, backrest, and reclining angle provide you with perfect control over your seating experience.
  • This rise and recliner makes relaxing easier for people of all ages, with features like the magazine pocket and handset loop.
  • Marbella ensures worry-free pleasure, making it an excellent investment in comfort and design.

Standard Dimensions

19” 21” 19.5” 28” 35.5” 19.5 Stone | 125kg

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Is Marbella suitable for individuals with mobility issues?

Absolutely. Marbella's riser function makes sitting and standing easier, offering valuable support for those with mobility challenges or anyone seeking added assistance.

⭐ Can I adjust the reclining angles of Marbella?

Yes, Marbella offers a wide range of reclining angles to suit your comfort preferences. You can easily adjust both the footrest and backrest independently to find your ideal position for relaxation.

⭐ What safety features does Marbella include?

Marbella prioritizes safety with features such as sturdy frame construction, secure motorized components, and a reliable power system. Also, the handset typically includes a safety lock feature to prevent accidental activation.

⭐ Does Marbella come in different colours or upholstery options?

While specific options may vary depending on availability and manufacturer, Marbella often offers a range of colour choices which includes Marbella Carbon Grey, Mulberry and Walnut. Also, upholstery materials complement various interior design preferences. It's recommended to check with the retailer or manufacturer for current options.

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