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Infinity Chair

Discover the pinnacle of comfort and design with our contemporary chair. It has curving arms, a convenient magazine compartment, and six replaceable back designs, making it completely customised. Choose from single, dual, or tilt-in-space, with luxury fabric options and an optional leg rest. Also, take advantage of warranties for peace of mind.

Welcome to your new favourite chair! It's the ideal relaxation station, thanks to its sleek design, comfortable curved arms, and handy magazine pocket. You can also change up the look with six different back patterns! Select Single, Dual, or Tilt in Space for the ideal fit.

What about the fabric choices? Super luxury, featuring Brisa®. Do you want some more relaxation?

Choose the leg rest extension. There are also some intriguing goodies to explore! Complement your snug spot with matching suits. Don't worry, we've got you covered with warranties. Get ready to relax in style—it's time to make every day seem like a spa day!

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Get ready to meet your new favourite chair! Our modern masterpiece is all about combining comfort and style in one cosy package. Picture this: sleek curved arms, a handy magazine pocket, and a range of six different back designs that you can swap out whenever you're in the mood for a change. It's like having a whole new chair every time!

But that's not all—this chair is all about options. You can choose between different configurations, like Single, Dual, or tilt-in-space, depending on how you like to kick back and relax. And let's not forget about the fabric choices! We're talking about premium options like Brisa®, so you can lounge in luxury.

Feeling extra luxurious? Choose the leg rest extension—it's your built-in foot massage! We also provide different optional additions to help you design your relaxing zone. With matching suites available, you may make the entire room into a pleasant retreat.

Key Takeaways

  • Enjoy modern comfort with a bespoke chair featuring curved arms, a handset loop, and a convenient magazine pocket.
  • Choose from Single, Dual, or tilt-in-space (TIS) Dual Motor configurations for personalised relaxation.
  • Modify your comfort with six interchangeable back designs, easily swapped out thanks to Velcro attachments.
  • Explore our fabrics, including the luxurious Brisa® range, for both style and durability.
  • Opt for the optional extending leg rest, available exclusively on TIS Dual models, for enhanced relaxation.
  • Discover additional optional extras to tailor your comfort experience further.
  • Complete your space with matching suites for a coordinated and sophisticated look.
  • Rest easy with our comprehensive warranty coverage, including a 2 Year Warranty with an additional 5-year Warranty on select models.

Reasons to Choose Us

  • Infinity chairs include cutting-edge technologies like as the Tilt In Space (TIS) Dual Motor, which provides improved functionality for a fully immersive lounging experience.
  • Whether you need a chair for resting, reading, or watching TV, Infinity has solutions to suit your lifestyle and interests.
  • Our chairs are designed with your comfort in mind, featuring ergonomic support that reduces strain and promotes relaxation.
  • Our products are created to last, with meticulous attention to detail and high-quality materials.
  • With a dedication to customer happiness, we offer great customer service, aiding you at every stage of the process, from selection to setup and beyond.

Standard Dimensions

  • 18”/20” TIS (Tilt in space)
  • Dual 20th Flat Arms in Ross
  • fabric cost £1695
  • Brisa/Leather cost £1995

Back Offerings

  • 2 Pillow
  • Waterfall
  • Lateral
  • Button

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Are Infinity chairs easy to assemble?

Yes, Infinity chairs are designed for easy assembly. Each chair comes with clear instructions and minimal parts, making the setup process straightforward and hassle-free.

⭐ Can I customise the fabric of my Infinity chair?

Absolutely! Infinity offers a wide selection of fabrics, including the luxurious Brisa® range, allowing you to choose the fabric that best suits your style and preferences.

⭐ Do Infinity chairs come with a warranty?

Yes, all Infinity chairs come with a warranty for your peace of mind. The standard warranty period is 2 years, with an additional 5-year warranty available on select models for specific parts.

⭐ What is the difference between single, dual, and tilt-in-space (TIS) dual motor configurations?

Single chairs offer basic functionality for individual seating, while dual chairs provide additional features like independent control of the footrest and backrest. TIS Dual Motor Chairs take it a step further with the ability to tilt the entire chair for enhanced comfort and support.

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