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New Straight Stairlifts

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Straight Stairlift (New)

Welcome to the future of home mobility solutions! Introducing you to our latest innovation from My Mobility UK: the Straight Stairlift (New). Whether you're a senior looking to maintain independence or someone with mobility challenges seeking easier access within your home, this stairlift promises to revolutionize your daily life.

Let’s Understand the basics

Imagine you have stairs at home, but they feel like a mountain to climb these days due to age or mobility issues. Enter the straight stairlift, your stair-climbing superhero. It's simply a comfortable chair connected to a rail that goes along your steps. Consider it your elevator but for the stairs!

This is how it works. You take a seat, hit a button, and away you go! The stairlift glides you gently up and down the stairs, with no sweat necessary. It's like having your own magic carpet trip but without the flying. Plus, it's extremely safe, with clever sensors that identify impediments and assure a smooth ride every time.

So, whether you're dealing with achy joints or just looking for an easier way to navigate your home, the straight stairlift is your ticket to hassle-free mobility.

Also, our latest models include MyMob 1100 New Stairlift, MyMob 130 New Stairlift, MyMob Sit-Stand New Stairlift, MyMob 1000 Outdoor New Stairlift and MyMob Elite Stairlift 30St (190Kg) Capacity.

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Simplicity Shines

Our straight stairlift from My Mobility UK is renowned for its user-friendly design, making it a standout feature. Setting it up in your home is a breeze, causing minimal disruption to your living space.

Once it's installed, using it is as simple as pie. All you need to do is take a seat, fasten your seatbelt, and press a button. With that effortless action, you'll smoothly ascend or descend the stairs, with no fuss involved.

Its simplicity of use is what makes this stairlift unique. Whether you're proficient in technology or not, using the stairlift is simple. There are no complicated moves or perplexing controls—just simple functionality that anybody can quickly understand. It's like having your assistant move around the house!

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Safety First

Safety is our top priority, so you can relax knowing you’re in good hands. This stairlift is designed with cutting-edge safety sensors that constantly scan the path ahead. If there's anything on the stairs that shouldn't be there, like objects or even pets, the stairlift will sense these obstacles and come to a smooth, gentle stop.

The chair of the stairlift itself is also built with your safety and comfort in mind. It includes solid armrests and a reliable seatbelt. These are not just for comfort; they make sure you stay securely seated while the lift moves. You won’t feel shaky or unstable as you ride; instead, you’ll feel supported and secure from start to finish.

All these safety features are there to make sure your ride is not just comfortable but also exceptionally safe. Whether you’re going up or coming down, you can sit back and relax, knowing that the stairlift is designed to take care of you by preventing any mishaps and providing a stable, reassuring journey every time.

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Customise the way you like

My Mobility UK knows that everyone has unique needs, which is why our New Straight Stairlifts come with plenty of customisation options. You're not stuck with a one-size-fits-all solution here.

Instead, you can adjust the seat height to find the perfect fit for your comfort. Plus, there are various upholstery styles to choose from, allowing you to match the stairlift to your home's interior design.

This means you can make sure it looks good while doing its job. Whether you need it to blend in with your living room or stand out as a modern accessory, you can personalize it to meet your exact requirements for both comfort and style.

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Peaceful functioning

No one enjoys the sound of loud machinery in their home, and that’s why our New Straight Stairlift is designed to be as quiet as possible. This stairlift operates so quietly that you might not even notice it’s there!

Unlike older stairlifts that can be noisy and disruptive, this new model moves smoothly and silently along your staircase. You can go up and down without any harsh sounds interrupting your peace or distracting you.

It's all about creating a quiet and serene environment in your house while still providing the mobility assistance you require. Embrace a new age of silent, smooth rides with the New Straight Stairlift and let go of the old, noisy, rattling stairlifts of the past.

Call: 0800 129 9191

Affordable Mobility Solution

Adding a mobility aid to your home shouldn’t empty your wallet. Right? And that's where My Mobility UK steps in with our New Straight Stairlift. We've managed to keep the costs down without cutting corners on quality or functionality. This means you get a dependable product that fits your budget.

The affordability of this stairlift doesn't mean a sacrifice in performance. You’ll enjoy a smooth, reliable ride every time, enhancing your mobility without any stress. It’s all about giving you independence and ease without the high expense typically associated with home mobility aids.

Think of investing in the New Straight Stairlift as an investment in your well-being. It not only improves your ability to move around your home but also boosts your overall quality of life.

With My Mobility UK, you’re getting great value, ensuring that enhancing your home for better mobility is both achievable and affordable.

Call: 0800 129 9191

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I use the new straight stairlift?

The Straight Stairlift is simple to operate. Simply sit on your chair, secure your seatbelt, and click the button on the armrest or remote control. The stairlift will gently move you up and down the steps. It is meant to be user-friendly, so no specific skills are required to use it.

2. What happens if there is a power outage when I use the stairlift?

Relax! The New Straight Stairlift features a battery backup system. If there is a power outage, the stairlift will continue to work on battery power, allowing you to arrive safely at your destination. You will not be stuck on the stairs.

3. How much space does the stairlift need on the stairs?

Our Straight Stairlift is designed to be small and space-efficient. It runs close to the wall, allowing plenty of room for others to take the steps. When not in use, the chair, armrests, and footrest can be folded up for even more storage.

4. How quiet is the Straight Stairlift in operation?

Because of its whisper-quiet functioning, our stairlift won't disturb the peace in your house. Unlike earlier, loud stairlifts, this model glides gently and softly up and down your stairs, delivering a calm and enjoyable experience every time you use it.

5. Can I remove the stairlift if I no longer need it?

Yes, the stairlift can be easily removed if you no longer need it or relocate to a new property. Professional experts can remove the stairlift with little interruption to your staircase. This makes it a flexible alternative, allowing your property to come back to its former state if necessary.

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