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Straight Stairlifts

Solution for Straight Stairs

Struggling with stairs in your own home? It's time for a change! At My Mobility UK, we understand that moving around your house should be safe and comfortable for everyone. That's why we offer Straight Stairlifts – the perfect solution to make your home more accessible.

Our straight stairlifts are designed specifically for staircases that go straight up and down, without any twists or turns. They're like the no-fuss helpers of the stairlift world, making every part of your home easy to reach. Say goodbye to staying on just one floor because moving around is too difficult.

No matter what your stairs look like, My Mobility UK has the solution. We'll help you choose the right stairlift, whether your stairs are big, small, wide, or narrow. Plus, we'll even come to your house for a free home inspection. After assessing your staircase, we'll recommend the perfect stairlift for your needs. It's time to embrace safety and convenience with My Mobility UK's straight stairlifts!

What’s in store for you?

My Mobility UK's straight stairlifts have several functions designed to improve user safety, comfort, and convenience. These features include:

Straightforward Design

Designed exclusively for stairs that rise or descend in a straight line, with no bends or landings, for a great fit in your house.

Swivel chairs

Equipped with spin chairs, so you may securely and quickly board and exit the lift at both the top and bottom of the steps, increasing convenience and safety.

Safety Sensors

Built-in sensors detect obstructions on the stairs, automatically stopping the lift to prevent accidents, ensuring peace of mind for you.

Remote Control

Offers remote control functionality, allowing you to operate the stairlift with ease. This is especially beneficial if you have limited mobility.

Foldable Design

Features a foldable design, enabling the stairlift to be neatly tucked away when not in use, preserving space on the staircase for other users and maintaining the aesthetic of your home.

Explore the Perks

  • Straight stairlifts allow you to travel your houses freely, promoting a sense of freedom and autonomy.
  • With remote control features and a folding form, operating straight stairlifts is simple and user-friendly, increasing overall convenience.
  • Straight stairlifts are made to fit the precise measurements of your staircase and provide customization choices to suit individual needs and tastes, making each user's experience pleasant and unique.
  • Straight stairlifts make it possible to reach all sections of the home without constraints, allowing you to travel freely between floors with ease and confidence.

Call: 0800 129 9191

Installation Process

The installation of a straight stairlift from My Mobility Uk normally involves the following steps:

Assessment:A skilled technician from My Mobility UK will examine the staircase to establish the best position for the stairlift and verify that it fits the user's requirements.
Customization: The stairlift will be tailored to the exact measurements of the staircase, providing a perfect fit and maximum functionality.
Installation: To install the motorized carriage and seat, first the rail must be firmly fastened to the stairs. Wiring and electrical connections will also be finished at this point.
Testing: Once installed, the stairlift will be thoroughly tested to verify that it functions properly and safely.
Demonstration: A My Mobility UK specialist will walk you through the whole stairlift operation process and answer any queries or worries you might have.

Quick Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the smooth and reliable operation of a straight stairlift. My Mobility UK recommends the following maintenance tips:

  • Regularly clean the stairlift with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and debris.
  • Apply oil to the stairlift's working components to reduce friction and guarantee smooth operation.
  • Schedule frequent inspections by a professional technician to look for signs of wear and tear and treat any concerns as soon as possible.
  • If your stairlift has a battery backup system, ensure that the batteries are charged regularly to maintain optimal performance.
  • To extend the life of your stairlift, follow the manufacturer's maintenance and care guidelines and suggestions.

Call: 0800 129 9191

Become Our Happy Customer

Join our satisfied customers who've transformed their lives with My Mobility UK's Straight Stairlifts. Whether it's for you or a loved one, if you're thinking about stairlift solutions, we're here to help. Let's take that first step towards a safer, more accessible home together. Your journey to easier mobility starts with us, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

Get in touch with us today, and let's make your home a more welcoming and accessible place."

Call: 0800 129 9191

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