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Echo Platform Lift

Introducing our latest addition, the MyMobility Echo Vertical Platform Lift, your stylish and seamless solution for easy access indoors and out. Customisable and built to last, this sleek lift fits perfectly into any space. No more stairs, just smooth, hassle-free access. Step into a new era of convenience with the Echo!

Need a lift that blends seamlessly into any environment? Introducing our MyMobility Echo! The Echo is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, making switching between settings a snap.

It is built with you in mind and can be customised to meet your style. It's made of high-quality components like steel and tempered glass, which means it's meant to last and requires no maintenance.

Whether you're dealing with stairs or other vertical problems, the MyMobility Echo provides a stylish and dependable answer. Our product makes it simple to improve the accessibility of your house since you deserve the best in both comfort and style.

Welcome to the world of effortless accessibility with the MyMobility Echo Vertical Platform Lift! Imagine the feeling of moving seamlessly from one floor to another without the hassle of stairs in your home. That's what the Echo offers—a smooth, convenient alternative when stairs just won't cut it.

You can enjoy your entire space, indoors and outdoors, without limitations. Its versatile design ensures it fits perfectly into any environment, blending in easily with your decor.

But it's not just about functionality—it's about making it yours. That's why the MyMobility Echo comes with customisable options, allowing you to adjust it to your unique needs and style preferences.

And let's talk durability. Constructed from premium steel, tempered glass, and industrial-grade hinges, the MyMobility Echo is built to last. Say no to frequent maintenance and yes to peace of mind.

So why wait? Make your house a statement of your style while easily improving mobility. Improve your living experience with the Echo, and let your comfort meet your personality.

We can make your dream home accessible.
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We are one of the UK’s leading specialists with over 30 years combined experience in the mobility sector.

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Awesome Features: Our Story, Your Choice

Dedicated Level Call Buttons

Need a lift? Simply press the button on your floor. No need to look around or wait; our specific buttons on each level ensure that the lift arrives when and where you need it.

Easy Entry

Open sesame! Once unlocked, enter through the user-friendly gate or ramp. Whether you're walking or rolling, using the lift is simple. There's no need to fight with advanced input methods; we make things easy and smooth.

Secure Lock

Lock and load! Our bolt-lock system keeps the gate securely shut while you ride. Safety is our top priority, and with our dependable locking system, you can be confident that the gate will remain firmly closed during your travel, delivering peace of mind with each ride.

Complete control

Everything is right at your fingertips! The elevator is easily controlled thanks to LED buttons. There's no need to struggle in the dark or strain to reach awkwardly positioned buttons; our simple layout promises that you can use the lift confidently and easily.

Fully covered

Don't worry about jamming! The bellows keep everything out of the mechanics. Our clever design keeps the lift's working parts safe and free of blockage, reducing the chance of damage.

Hassle-free exit

Is it time to step out? When you arrive at your location, the gate will unlock automatically. Simple leave with minimal hassle. You can forget about fumbling with difficult exit systems or sticky locks since our lift's simple structure makes getting out as easy as possible.

Standing Tall: What Sets Us Apart

We use only the best products and craftsmanship to ensure dependable performance.

Bespoke choices guarantee that what you choose fits easily into your life.

Our designs combine style and creativity to add a contemporary touch.

We are here for you from beginning to end, providing personalised service.

Count on us for safety, dependability, and pleasure every time.

Our 3-Year Warranty

At MyMobility, we're not just selling a product; we're offering a promise of reliability and support. Introducing our exceptional 3-year warranty for the MyMobility Echo.

This isn't just any warranty – it's a shield of protection for your investment. Covering everything from parts to labour, it ensures that your Echo stays in prime condition, and hassle-free.

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If you want to regain confidence and independence while showering with a bespoke mobility shower, get in touch today.

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Extra Features

Stop mechanism

Protective baffles

Well drainage system

Free-fall prevention mechanism

Safety locking button

Release valves to prevent trapping

Legs: Powder-coated galvanised steel

Explore your options

Left or right opening gates

Front-access configuration

Ramp option for raised wells

Anti-slip cover for added safety

Special colour customisation

Technical Specifications

Platform Dimensions

Length: 1220mm

Width: 920mm

Overall dimensions (including well)

Width: 1020mm

Length: 1320mm

Rail Height: 810mm

Access Gate Width: 840mm

Well Depth: 250mm

Safety and Speed

Emergency brakes stop at 0.15 m/s for quick response.

Motor power: 75W

Travel Distance (min/max): 500mm/2m

Drive System

Hydraulic (Scissor System)

Load Capacity


Operating Voltage


Frequently Asked Questions :

Think of it like this: if you have trouble navigating stairs or need a seamless way to move between floors, the Echo could be your perfect match! Whether it's indoors or outdoors, if you need accessibility without the hassle of stairs, it's worth considering.
Absolutely! We're all about making it yours. You can choose left or right opening gates, add a special colour, or even go for an anti-slip cover for extra safety. It's all about blending functionality with your unique style.
A piece of cake! Our elevator has user-friendly, LED control buttons that are conveniently positioned for simple access and intuitive operation. You'll be gliding between levels with the touch of a button in no time.
Rest assured—we have you covered! With our extensive 3-year guarantee, you're covered for any unknown issues. Also, our professional customer support team is always there to help you with any questions or problems you might have.

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