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Adjustable Beds

Smart, Practical & Secure Adjustable Bed Options

Portofino Collection

Step into comfort with the Portofino Plus Adjustable Bed, a perfect blend of luxury and practicality. This bed boasts a stylish, fully upholstered headboard that elevates the look of any room.

What makes it special is its advanced 5-motion motor that lets you adjust the head, middle, and foot sections independently. With just a few clicks, you can sit up to read, elevate your legs for relaxation, or find the perfect sleeping position.

You'll get the controls that are super easy to use and within reach, so you can make adjustments without having to get up. Whether you're waking up refreshed or winding down after a long day, the Portofino is designed to provide ultimate comfort and convenience, making every moment in bed a luxurious experience.

Let's transform your bedroom into a personal oasis with our Portofino Adjustable Bed.

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Experience ultimate comfort with the Portofino Adjustable Bed, designed with top-tier features:

Adjust the head, midsection, and foot portions separately for your own comfort.

You can choose from 22 fabric selections.

Simple modifications using a motion handset with six buttons.

With a wall-hugger motor, everything is always accessible.

For the most comfortable fit, select one of four customised mattress styles.

parma head

Parma Head & Footboard

The Parma Head & Footboard will give your bedroom both style and comfort. This set's sleek, uncomplicated form complements any type of interior decor. Your bed will look great and feel cosy thanks to its durable construction and simple setup. Ideal for adding a modern, fresh touch to your bedroom!

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double bed

Simple, modern lines that complement any kind of bedroom.


Simple assembly means you can have it ready in no time.


Made to last and keep its stylish appearance for many years.


Blends in with both classic and modern design.


offers firm support to ensure a restful night's sleep.

Portofino Plus

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Introducing our Portofino Plus: a deluxe Adjustable Bed that redefines comfort. With its plush upholstered headboard and footboard, this bed exudes luxury. It has a 5-motion motor, allowing precise control over the head, middle, and foot sections separately.

Using the simple motion handset, you can effortlessly switch from lying down to sitting up, adjusting your position with ease. Whether you're curling up with a book or elevating your legs for relaxation, the Portofino Plus ensures personalised comfort at your command. Elevate your sleep experience with our stylish and user-friendly adjustable bed.


Enjoy the ultimate in comfort with our 5 Motion Adjustable Bed, featuring plush upholstered head and footboards for a touch of luxury.

Personalize your bed to match your style with a choice of 22 fabric options.

Easily adjust your sleeping position with our user-friendly 6-button motion handset, putting control at your fingertips for a customised sleep experience.

Opt for the Wall Hugger Motor option for added convenience, maximizing space in your bedroom while still providing exceptional comfort.

Choose from our range of 4 motion mattress options, each crafted to offer the perfect blend of support and relaxation for a rejuvenating night's sleep.

Motion Handset

Our Motion Handset is your ticket to effortless comfort! With just the touch of a button, you can adjust your bed to the perfect position for sleeping, reading, or relaxing. Its intuitive design makes it easy to use, putting you in control of your comfort with minimal effort. It’s time to say goodbye to fumbling with complicated controls and welcome the customised relaxation at your fingertips!

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Adjust your bed's position with simple button presses, making it effortless to find your ideal comfort level.

The user-friendly design ensures that anyone can operate it without confusion or hassle.

Personalize your sleep experience by easily setting up your favourite positions for quick access.

No need to get up to adjust your bed – the motion handset lets you control everything from the comfort of your mattress.

Experience smooth and precise movement, allowing you to fine-tune your sleeping or lounging position with ease.

Riviera Collection

We're excited to introduce our new Riviera bed collection, expertly crafted with years of experience in the mobility industry. This collection includes a variety of mattresses tailored to meet your comfort needs and is designed to work seamlessly with our two newest adjustable bed mechanisms.

Each bed is handcrafted in Britain, featuring premium design and upholstery. We stand by the durability of our beds with a 3-year warranty, ensuring that you receive both style and quality that lasts.

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  • Riviera bed

Top Adjustable Mechanisms

Our Riviera bed collection includes two advanced adjustable mechanisms with features to enhance your comfort. You can adjust lumbar support, turn on motion-activated lights, and use built-in speakers, all easily controlled with a simple button press. Customise your bed with our tailored surrounds for the ultimate sleep experience.

Riviera Gold

Our Riviera Gold collection features a sleek, low-profile design with powered support for your head, lumbar region, and feet. It can be used on its own as a bed frame or customised with our tailor-made settings to fit your space perfectly.

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Advanced Features

Adds a gentle light to improve visibility at night.

provides a roomy king-size alternative with a single mechanism.

Adjust the bed's height for the best possible comfort.

A light-up, user-friendly remote that glows in the dark.

Simply store and retrieve your two preferred sleeping positions.

Charge gadgets easily from the comfort of your own bed.

TV/Zero Gravity/Anti-Snore 3X Presets.

Perfect for cosy TV viewing.

Reduces back pain by creating the illusion of weightlessness.

Elevates the head to stop snoring.

Ensure the bed fits your body perfectly for optimal comfort.

If there are power disruptions, adjust the bed.

Protection against manufacturing and workmanship flaws.

Just needs one touch to bring the bed back to its flat setup.

makes storing and transferring the bed easier.

Shipping and setup are made simpler with less packing.

Connect two twin extra-long beds to create a seamless king-size experience.


Bed Width: 2ft3 | 2ft 6 | 3ft | 4ft | 4ft 6 | 5ft | 6ft

Height at Headboard: 41” / 104.14 cm

Height st footboard: 26/66”

Length from Head to footboard: 81”/205 cm

Additional Features

4 Independent Motors- Head/ Foot/ Neck/ Lumbar

Adjustable mood light system motion

App for smartphone control

Audio system

Riviera Platinum

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  • Riviera bed
  • Riviera Platinum Adjustable Bed
  • Riviera bed
  • Riviera bed

Presenting the Riviera Platinum, a low-profile bed mechanism that exudes elegance. Its precisely crafted features, like motorised head and foot support, provide unmatched comfort that is customised to meet your needs. It radiates elegance and adaptability, taking your sleeping experience to new heights whether used as a stand-alone centrepiece or combined with our custom setting.

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Advanced Features

the choice of a king-size bed arrangement with just one mechanism.

Adjust the lights to create the mood you want.

Cutting-edge technologies to improve support and comfort.

Subtle illumination is provided by the soft lights beneath the bed.

You can easily adjust the settings on your bed using a smartphone.

convenient locations to charge your electronics.

Adjust the bed's height to suit your needs.

A backlit remote control that makes it simple to operate in the dark.

Built-in speakers let you unwind in bed with music or other audio material.

Because each motor functions independently, it is possible to precisely modify various bed components.

Save your favourite positions so you can quickly and easily move them.

A convenient and safe built-in night light that turns on when it detects movement.

preset postures designed to minimise snoring, achieve zero gravity comfort, and watch TV.

Guarantees operation even in the event of a power interruption.


Bed Width: 2ft3 | 2ft 6 | 3ft | 4ft | 4ft 6 | 5ft | 6ft

Height at Headboard: 41” / 104.14 cm

Height st footboard: 26/66”

Length from Head to footboard: 81”/205 cm

Find the Ideal Mattress for Your Adjustable Bed

When picking a mattress for your adjustable bed, think about how firm it feels, how well it adjusts, and if it feels comfy overall. Also, check if it fits your bed's size and weight limit to keep it working well and lasting long.

Choose from the best mattresses we've stored for you.

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Peru: Stay Cool and Comfortable: Eco-Friendly Mattress for a Great Night's Sleep

9” Reflex Foam 1” Latx Foam

4-way stretch, soft sleeping surface

100% Polyester

Soft finish fire-resistant treated

280 gsm

Titan: Affordable High-Density Polyurethane Mattress

10” Reflex Foam

95% Polyester 5% Spandex

Soft finish fire-resistant treated

385 gsm

Mars: Offers Gentle Warmth and Pressure Relief

8” Reflex Foam Topped with 2” of Memory Foam

4-way stretch, soft sleeping surface

100% Polyester

Soft finish fire-resistant treated

280 gsm

Gel: Helps in Regulating Body Temperature

9” Reflex Foam Topped with 1” of Gel Foam

4-way stretch, pressure relieving effect with soft knit and elastane yarn

2.2% Lycra (Elastic) 97.8% polyester

Soft finish fire-resistant treated

470 gsm

Neptune: 1000 Pocket Springs + 1" Memory Foam

4-way stretch, with Tencel renewable yarn for a superior sleeping surface

90% polyester 1% Tencel

Soft finish fire resistant treated

250 gsm

Nasa: Ortho and Memory Foam Supportive Comfort

8” Blue Ortho Foam Topped with 2” Memory Foam

4-way stretch, soft sleeping surface

Soft finish fire-resistant treated

260 gsm

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